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UVLED Printing UVLED Printing Light Source Application

With the rapid development and popularization of UV LED, many manufacturers have chosen to replace the UV LED device and test. Bottle printing: UV LED curing technology can be fully used on the bottle label machine. After the system is set, it can be printed directly to the cylindrical describer. Because the light source of UVLED is small, it is very suitable for installation to a limited printed machine, and the heat load is reduced It also achieved printing on a thin and high heat sensitivity substrate. Tags and packaging (rotation machine): The UV LED curing system can be simply used on the label printer to help users print high -quality materials at the maximum speed. The UV LED curing system for labeling can improve production, reduce power consumption, reduce polyester film tablets, and have a lower impact on the environment. Coding and marking: The structure of UV LED curing equipment is small, high in performance, and low energy consumption, which is very suitable for Yongyu encoding and mark printing. UV LED can be used immediately, so only when the ink is solidified, this will save energy and extend the service life of the device. Therefore, UV LED curing technology is an ideal choice for high pixel printing. For more information, welcome to enter the official website

UVLED Printing UVLED Printing Light Source Application 1

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