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[UVLED Power] the Relationship and Conversion of the Power and Energy of UVLED Curing Machine

The relationship between the power and energy of the UVLED curing machine and the energy conversion Tianhui many customers can see many UVLED curing machine products on the Internet, and then ask Tianhui why the UVLED power of others has hundreds of watts or thousands of watts, and Tianhui only wrote a few more. What is the reason for a hundred miles or a few watts? For customers who have just contacted this piece, it is really difficult to distinguish. But we all know that a light source has two power factors, one is called electric power, and the other is called light power. The power after photoelectric conversion is called optical power. This part is what we need to use when we actually solidify. And most of the hundreds of watt or thousands of watts marked by other homes, most of which refer to the power power, not the UVLED light source power in the industry. So what exactly does UVLED power mean? What is the relationship between power and energy and how to calculate it? After understanding these dry goods, the choice of UVLED curing machine is more reasonable. 1> UVLED CICC The principle UVLED solidification refers to the photons that absorb specific wavelengths under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, which stimulates to stimulate and forms free radicals or cations. Then through the transmission of the energy between molecular, the aggregate prefabricated and sensitivity monomer becomes an exciting state, producing a charge transfer complex. Polymer polymer of the three -dimensional mesh structure. Among them, the radiation power of UVLED light sources and UVLED irradiation energy are its key indicators. 2> UVLED light source power In fact, UVLED light source power refers to the radiation power of the light source, that is, the total radiation energy emitted on the surface of the light source surface during the unit time, also known as the radiation degree. , Or receiving power. It is also directly influenced on the solidification effect of the customer. This light source radiation power is also possible. The peak radiation light illumination of the UVLED light source machine has a great impact on the curing effect of glue or ink. Structure; UVLED's peak illness is too small, there is no enough photon energy to open the molecular chain in UVLED glue or ink, so that UV curing can not be completed. Therefore, only the appropriate UVLED peak illuminance can complete the preset UV curing effect while opening the molecular chain. 3> UVLED light source energy UVLED light source energy refers to the accumulation of UVLED light radiation power in time. For TIANHUIUVLED curing machine: UVLED energy (MJ/CM2) = UVLED radiation power (mw/cm2)*illumination time (s). Therefore, if you accurately control the strength and irradiation time of UVLED, you can accurately control UVLED energy. The precise control of the control time depends on the control system of the well -functioning UVLED light source. TIANHUI's UVLED solidification function accurately sets the irradiation time and UVLED radiation power to ensure the reasonable UVLED curing energy. 4> How to understand the UVLED light source device you need? A> The production process combines the problems of your existing production process, and choose the appropriate UV light source machine, such as the TP fit process, then you have to know whether the UVLED light source machine you buy It is critical to use the index of production efficiency for side solids or facial solids, because the high and low production efficiency will determine one of the core parameters of the UVLED light source equipment. , The higher the required radiation illumination. For example, you need 2000mj of ultraviolet energy in your process to complete the curing of glue. The time to irradiate through the UVLED light source equipment must be within 5S. Then, the radiation illumination of the UVLED light source machine you choose must 2. Of course, before considering this, you have to learn which ultraviolet wavelengths used in your production process to illuminate the glue or ink used in your production process. The conventional UVLED light source equipment has 365nm, 395nm, etc. The ultraviolet radiation energy is MJ or J. This supplier who needs to consult your glue or ink 5> How to consult with UVLED manufacturers? When you understand the above two points, you have to tell you the UVLED light source equipment manufacturer Tianhuiwhlx several parameters: First, the wavelength of the UVLED light source required in your process, such as 365nm; second, use glue in your process to use glue in your process Or the ultraviolet radiation energy required for ink, unit MJ or J; third, what is your production efficiency, for example, you want this irradiation time to control within 5s or 10s; fourth, you need the area of UVLED ultraviolet light source irradiation area How big is it? For example, 200x200mm, etc. UVLED light source equipment manufacturers can give you a general offer after knowing these parameters. If the quotation is in your budget, inform some of the specific requirements for this set of UVLED light sources, such as choosing wind -cooling or water cooling, whether online control or manual operation, etc. UVLED light source equipment manufacturer TIIHUIWHLX understands your specific needs before you can give a solution that suits you. This can not only ensure your production needs, but also minimize your investment.

[UVLED Power] the Relationship and Conversion of the Power and Energy of UVLED Curing Machine 1

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