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[UVLED Paint] UVLED Optical Solid Machine Manufacturer Tells You the Characteristics of UVLED Coatin

Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. With the country's strong progress in environmental protection, more and more people have also established environmental protection ideas and consciousness in the subconscious. In particular in the coating industry, Tianhui's UVLED optical solid machine has the characteristics of efficient energy saving and environmental protection, which is more well received by the market. At present, UVLED optical solid coatings on the market include: bamboo and wood flooring, decorative plates, furniture and other ultraviolet light curing wood coatings; automotive components, instruments, discs, credit cards and other ultraviolet light curing plastic coatings; steel rust -proof, color coating steel plates, printing iron, printing iron UV -cured metal coatings such as cans such as cans, easy -to -pull tanks; decorative paper, labels, cards, cards, written surface light, metallic coatings, electronic industry UVLED optical curing coatings, etc. So what are the characteristics of these coatings? 1. Wood light curing coatings. Generally, it includes UVLED light curing putty, primer and facial paint. UVLED ultraviolet light curing coatings are usually matte, semi -light, or high gloss with UVLED ultraviolet light; According to its abrasion resistance, it is divided into ordinary wear -resistant and high -wear -resistant, high -resistant and high -tech new types. Choose different light cixtures and additives, which can meet the requirements of different performance. 2. Plastic light curing coatings. Including UVLED light curing coatings for ordinary plastics and engineering plastics, the substrate materials include PVC, PET, ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, etc. The UVLED UV curing coatings give High -wear -resistant, not easy to scratch and other performance, and give it a beautiful decorative effect at the same time. 3. Metal optical curing coatings. Used for the protection and decoration of the anti -corrosion protection of steel products and automotive, motorcycle components, equipment, canned boxes, etc. This is another major direction of UVLED ultraviolet light curing coatings. Some of them are given some of the traditional coatings and given all kinds of metal products elegant and elegant, elegant and elegant, and elegant, and elegant, elegant, and elegant, and elegant, elegant, and elegant metal products, elegant, elegant and elegant, and elegant, elegant, and elegant, and elegant, elegant, and elegant metal products are elegant and elegant. Beautiful appearance. 4. Paper light curing coatings. This is a rapidly developing UVLED ultraviolet coating, and the amount is very large. It is generally called UVLED optical curing paper light oil. It is mainly used for magazines, packaging materials, labels, etc. Water resistance and make the product beautiful and durable. Tianhui has rich application experience in the UVLED coating industry. If you are also looking for more energy -saving, environmentally friendly and efficient UVLED coating solid solutions and products, you may wish to get in touch with Tianhui. I believe you will have a good gain!

[UVLED Paint] UVLED Optical Solid Machine Manufacturer Tells You the Characteristics of UVLED Coatin 1

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