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[UVLED Optical Curing] Several Factor Affecting UVLED Optical Curing

In the recent period of UVLED solidification, customers have always been consulted with issues that UVLED needs to pay attention to when curing operations. Here, Tianhui specifically gives you a simple explanation for this issue. I hope to help users help users. Before understanding UVLED optical curing, we must first understand the principle of UVLED optical curing: UVLED optical curing machine as a solid device, UV coatings are caused by UVLED, generated ionic or ions, these free groups or ions. The double bonds in the ion and the prefabricated or unsaturated monomer react to form a single gene. These monomer genes start chain reactions to generate polymer solids. This is a complete solidification process. After understanding the basic principles of UVLED optical curing, what I want to share with you below is that there are several major factors that affect UVLED deep optical curing. UVLED deep light curing several major influencing factors 1. UVLED radiation illuminance (also known as UVLED energy) affects deep solidification of ultraviolet radiation. The main condition is that the molecule must absorb a sufficient energy to become an inspiration molecule, which is decomposed into free radicals or ions. , Make the unsaturated organic objects aggregate, pick -up, cross -linking and other chemical reactions to achieve the purpose of solidifying. There are basically two excessive radiation intensity of UVLED radiation to UV coating, which are the insufficient radiation illumination of UVLED. 1. I do nt know the energy required by the light caused by the light caused by light, such as blind supply, such as blind supply, this approach not only wastes energy, but also causes excessive solidification negative effects, such as explosion gathering, refractory reactions, etc. 2. When UVLED radiation illuminance is insufficient, it can be made up for some UV coatings, but for most UV coatings, as long as the UVLED peak radiation illuminance is not enough to respond together, it is basically no way to complete CICF, even if it is continuously irradiated for 24 hours, it is useless. Second, the thickness of UV coating thickness affects the effects of UV coating on the effect of ultraviolet curing. The coating is too thick, and the drying time is relatively long under the irradiation of the same power light source. On the one hand, it affects the drying of UV coatings. In addition On the one hand, the surface temperature of the substrate will be too high, resulting in deformation of the substrate; too thin coating will cause the product's surface gloss. Third, the influence of solidification distance Tianhua's UVLED solid light source Depending on the difference in the curing substrate, the general distance is about 10-15mm. The curing distance must be adjusted appropriately with the radiation power of substrates, coatings, and UVLED lights. Tianhui has professional engineers, which can adjust the irradiation distance according to the needs of customers. Fourth, the impact of UVLED optical curing speed Depending on the substrate, coating, curing distance, etc., the device is properly adjusted to curing the speed of the device, the curing speed is too fast, the UV coating on the substrate surface is sticky or the surface is not dry; The surface of the material will be aging. Fifth, the impact of the working environment. When the viscosity of UV coatings changes greatly due to the temperature, the room temperature should be adjusted. Generally, 15-25 C is more appropriate, and it is not necessary to be direct when solidified. Zhuhai TIANHUI Technology Development Co., Ltd. specializes in UVLED, UVLED wire light sources, UVLED face light sources, UVLED dot light sources, UV point light sources, UVLED light sources, UVLED curing machines, ultraviolet curing machines, UVLED ovens development, production, sales and technical services , Is a professional UV -point light source manufacturer, UVLED manufacturer, UVLED manufacturer. If you have any problems in UVLED optical curing, you can get in contact with us through the following ways: Tianhui Zhuhai Headquarters Contact: Manager Li: 1360266094 Contact: Manager Liu: 18811880519tianhui East China Office (guests from East China, North China, please contact) Contact) People: Manager Fu: 13048834002 1536107848

[UVLED Optical Curing] Several Factor Affecting UVLED Optical Curing 1

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