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[UVLED Maintenance] UVLED Curing Machine also Requires Daily Maintenance

After many customers buy back the UVLED curing machine, they let them work, and never do some basic cleaning. Over time, the inside of the UVLED curing machine is full of dust, and there will be some small debris that are slightly worse than the environment. Although the UVLED curing machine is generally used in static, does not want to wear and lose as much as bearings or chains, it also needs to be maintained and maintained regularly. Because UVLED lighting efficiency depends on the cooling of UVLED, depends on the cleanliness of the outlet. Many times, if there is a bad product, you will find out whether there is a problem with the UVLED light source. In fact, these can be avoided as much as possible during daily production. UVLED curing machines to maintain cleanliness everyday: 1> Dust dust pollution; 2> The organic volatilization of UV glue during solidification. During the assembly line, the glue small molecules and ink small molecules volatilize and fall to the glass; 3> UVLED curing equipment will have some temperatures when working, and some UV -stick product materials will volatilize and fall on the glass at high temperature; 4> UVLED curing machine's cooling structure also needs to pay attention, do not have any debris to block the entry and exit air outlet; 5 > After the water -cooled UVLED curing is used for a long time, the inner wall of the water pipe and the inside of the UVLED curing machine will produce dirt; for the above problems: 1> The light source of the light source lights of the UVLED curing equipment will be installed with quartz glass. The main role is to protect LED module to avoid external pollutants pollution LED. The UVLED curing equipment of the UVLED curing equipment is high -energy light. If the lamp glass is not only lowered to receive pollution, it will also cause LED damage due to reflection and accumulation heat. Therefore, try to keep the environment clean and clean as much as possible during use, and clean the lamp head glass regularly. It can be gently wiped with a dust -free cloth dipped in wine. If possible, you can use it in a dust -free environment. If the lamp glass has been contaminated or affects the light effect, Tianhui recommends finding a manufacturer to replace the new lamp glass. 2> Whether it is the air -cooled UVLED curing machine or the water -cooled UVLED curing machine, you must pay attention to the inlet and outlet of heat dissipation. The air -cooled heat dissipation inlet and outlets are generally distributed on the light head and the host. If there is a debris to enter the air outlet, clean up in time. 3> Water -cooled UVLED curing machines are generally connected to the lamp head and water cooling machine through the water pipe. After a long period of use, there will still be dirt. Generally speaking, Tianhui recommends that customers use distilled water without minerals as a cooling medium, and replace water once a quarter. Customers can also increase or reduce the water replacement cycle according to their own frequency of UVLED solidification.

[UVLED Maintenance] UVLED Curing Machine also Requires Daily Maintenance 1

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