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[UVLED Face Light Source] Application Case of Large -scale UVLED Face Light Source

In order to cope with the fierce market competition, a certain optical pickup manufacturer has extensively introduced automation and intelligent equipment. The manufacturer's key optical lens assembly and adhesion adopt automation and concentrated operations. In order to ensure the adhesion accuracy of optical lenses, the transmission method needs to reduce the pause of the product. In order to meet the requirements of the production process, the UVLED surface light sources are equipped with the following performance indicators: 1. In the lens coating and sticky After the glue, it is necessary to solidify the UV during high -speed transmission (UV -curing product substrates to move rapidly); 2. It can achieve a large area of UV solidification, strong radical strength and stableness, and the uniformity of the facial sources is better to be better. ; 3. Need to work uninterrupted to ensure that the cooling method of UVLED light sources is effective, and ensure the stability of the temperature of the UVLED light source; 4. In order to be compatible with the original equipment of the manufacturer, a variety of interaction methods are required, including I/O interfaces, communication ports, communication ports Wait. TIANHUI has deeply cultivated the UVLED industry for more than ten years. The company has a senior R & D team and perfect software and hardware facilities.

[UVLED Face Light Source] Application Case of Large -scale UVLED Face Light Source 1

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