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[UVLED Curing Machine] UVLED Device with Ultraviolet Glue Curing Should Be Selected Like This

As a new type of adhesive, UV glue, as a new type of adhesive, is widely used in electronics, optics, medical, automotive and other industries with good performance in various aspects and meet environmental protection requirements. As the name implies, UV glue basically needs to be cured by the method of ultraviolet lamp irradiation, so the solidification of UV glue cannot be separated from the UVLED curing machine. There are many types of UVLED curing machines on the market, and there are more and more choices for customers. It is not a simple matter to choose a suitable and reliable UVLED curing machine. So what are the uV glue curing? Conditions, how to choose the solidified UVLED device, let's take a look at it together. First, the manufacturer of UVLED curing machines, there are many UVLED curing machine manufacturers that are bought by the components that they buy them directly. Such a curing machine is generally unstable. Tianhui's UVLED curing machine will not have this problem. Tianhui has a UVLED solidification team that belongs to its own. Second, the wavelength of UVLED curing machine. Most of the wavelengths required for UV glue curing are about 365nm. Of course, there are some ones that can also be solidified with 395nm wavelengths. Before choosing the wavelength of UVLED solid machine, it is best to do the experiment in person, or contact the UVLED curing machine manufacturer to help do it to do it. experiment. Since TIANHUI, in response to different industries and different process needs, we have reserved a variety of UVLED curing machine prototypes at the expense. If you can't confirm what wavelength is needed by UVLED curing machine, although contact with Tianhui. Third, the unit area of the UVLED curing machine is radio light power. The main relationship with the unit area of radiation light is large: UV glue curing the ultraviolet energy (MJ), ultraviolet UV glue curing process design time, time of UV glue, point of point glue, and point glue thickness, etc. It should be noted that the traditional ultraviolet UV curing light talks about KW. This is electrical power. UVLED curing lights generally talk about light power MW. The difference between the two is particularly large. The reason why there is such a difference is that the traditional ultraviolet UV curing lights are basically standard products. How many kilowatts are about a bit, and the UVLED curing lamp is flexible and changing and can be freely combined. Basically, most of them are non -standard products. It is about the light intensity in the unit area. Fourth, whether the manufacturer of the production curing machine can provide a suitable solidification area? Factors with production experience such as Tianhui can provide customized services. It can customize the appropriate area according to the actual requirements of the customer and provide a high cost -effective area with a high cost -effective ratio. Program. As a UVLED curing machine manufacturer, Tianhui has standard products, and you can customize products according to customer needs. If you have the needs of UVLED solidification, you can contact Tianhui's official website online customer service, or to inquire and communicate, tianhui will serve you wholeheartedly.

[UVLED Curing Machine] UVLED Device with Ultraviolet Glue Curing Should Be Selected Like This 1

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