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[UVLED Consultant] TIANHUI: I Would Like to Be Your UVLED Solidification Technical Consultant

Tianhuiuvled has been 8 years. When UVLED first started to develop in China, most people were strange to this product, because this process is very different from the traditional ultraviolet curing process. First of all, the principle of luminous light. The UVLED curing machine uses UVLED (UV light light diode) to power the ultraviolet light source. After reasonable structural design, electronic control design, and optical design, it is finally presented in front of the world. Most of the earliest factories that adopt UVLED curing machines are foreign companies, especially Japanese and American companies. The UVLED curing machine used is also purchased from the country. With the improvement of domestic productivity, the UV curing process also changes with the beginning, from the initial high temperature drying, natural drying to the UV oven, and the evolution from the UV oven to the UVLED oven, UVLED solidarpan, UVLED curing line conveyor belt, etc. From the traditional UV light to UVLED, it has been very deeply touched in recent years. Many of these factors are related to energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial transformation and upgrading advocated by the state. Traditional UV lights are lamp type, and the light emitting source is high -pressure mercury. Light or halogen lamp. The energy consumption of such lamps is very high. For example, a UV curing process requires 100MJ ultraviolet energy. Using traditional UV lamps may require a kilowatt tube. You have to add additional refrigeration equipment (such as air conditioning) for assistance. After changing to Tianhuiuvled, it may be enough to meet the energy of 100mj in only 200 watts. In contrast, it saves at least 80%of the energy consumption. This It does not include the power consumption of the refrigeration equipment. Tianhui has been looking for the UVLED solid solution and products that are cost -effective for the various partners of the industry since the 8th year. It has never dared to relax the slightest. It is precisely because of the original intention that the Tianhui people have gone so firmly in the Shanghai. One step at a time. Today's UVLED market is mixed with fish eyes, good and bad, we will not force customers to buy Tianhui's UVLED curing devices. We prefer to be a consultant to your UVLED curing technology to help you refer to it, give you opinion and suggestions. From the perspective of customers, from the perspective of technology, and the cost -effective perspective of products, we will give customers and suggestions. There is such a paragraph in the soul chicken soup, and share it with everyone: "If a person can succeed if he is willing to suffer, then the richest thing is peasant and migrant workers. Workers are successful people. But this is not the case! Therefore, you must first choose the right direction to seize the opportunity, do the right thing in the right time, and the effort will be successful. Find the wisdom of the good teacher, and find the industry to achieve a lifetime! Finding the right platform will be brilliant! Choosing is more important than hard work! Higher vision is more important than ability! "The same is true for buying UVLEDs. We will tell you that you will have a harvest for the industry and the right partners. From a technical perspective, we will know everything and endless words, thank you for your trust!

[UVLED Consultant] TIANHUI: I Would Like to Be Your UVLED Solidification Technical Consultant 1

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