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Studies Have Found That LED Dark Red Light Can Improve Vision Decline Problems

Now many people often "over -use their eyes" due to factors such as 3C products and working durations, so they gradually start paying attention to eye protection. A new study in the UK pointed out that in the morning, using "dark red LED light" to illuminate the eyes for three minutes, the eyes can "restore vitality". According to the "Scitech Daily" report, the research team of the University of London (UCL) discovered that in the morning, the eyes were exposed to the eyes with a wavelength of 670 nanometers (NM) in the morning, which can effectively stimulate the energy generated in human retina to generate energy. "Merkellar cells" and help recover the vitality and acuity of the eyes. According to reports, the experiments invited 20 subjects between the ages of 34 and 70 and had no eye diseases. After lighting in the morning and afternoon, they found that if in the afternoon test Improved; but if the eyes are illuminated between 8 am and 9 am, the subject's "color discrimination" can be improved by 17%. The effect can last up to a week. In this regard, the research professor Glen Jeffry explained that due to the increase of age, the cells in the retina of the eyes will gradually age, and the speed of this aging is the "tricephosphosine adenosine (ATP (ATP (ATP generated in the cell mitochondria (ATP (ATP (ATP ) "And enhanced cell function began to decline. The previous research pointed out that the light between 650 and 900 nanometers (NM) can activate mitochondria and improve its "work efficiency". Therefore, the principle of lighting seems to be "wireless charging" with the eyes and can restore part of the function of some photoresu cells. Due to its simple principle and no security issues, Jeffrey is also developing home treatment instruments that are cheap and easy to use to provide more "affordable ophthalmic therapy" for patients with color disciral decline.

Studies Have Found That LED Dark Red Light Can Improve Vision Decline Problems 1

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