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Shantou Inverted COB Light Source Is Unreliable

Installed COB light source development.”Liu Lin, deputy general manager of the same party. It is understood that the COB light source is a naked chip technology used for LED lighting. Putting multiple LED chips in a small unit forms a COB LED lighting module. For LED packaging, this is also a relatively new technology. It installs the LED chip directly on the substrate, forming the LED lighting module Shantou inverted COB light source. Set up. (B) After welding, the temperature of the product drops to room temperature, carefully pay attention to handling the product. COB light source mainstream trend is still“Heroic”随着照明技术的不断进步应用市场的逐渐成熟COB光源成了封装发展的主导方向之一其散热性能好造价成本低体积小可高密度封装至硅片牢固地固定在Until the base, then use the method of wire welding to directly establish electrical connection between the silicon wafer and the base. COB's advantage: In terms of cost, compared with the separated light source devices, the COB light source module can save the cost of component packaging, the production cost of the light engine module, and the secondary lighting cost in the lighting application. In the lighting lamp system of the same function, Shantou inverted the COB light source to cool the COB light source to dissipate fast heat, plus the golden technology, which will almost cause serious light attenuation. So rarely die, which greatly extend the COB light source life. 6. Good Blu -ray suppression: Breaking through the LED world's blue light limitations, good blue light inhibitory can help protect the eyes and ensure the light effect. As the most important material foundation in the packaging structure, the heat dissipation substrate is to bring a large amount of thermal conductivity generated by the chip to the bridge of the radiator. At present, it focuses on different segments. COB is mainly used for key lighting and narrow light beam corners. In the expected future, they will still play a role in their respective market segments. The inverted is replacing the general trend, but is it completely replaced? Although in the next 1-2 years, the inverted COB will pour the COB light source from high-power outdoor and industrial Shantou COB light sources. The COB light source high quality, application advantages, stable electrical parameters, high cost performance and other comprehensive performance advantages jumped and jumped. The head of the industry is in the COB packaging industry in the leading enterprise. Product performance: COB light sources developed for the LED application commercial lighting market, have good anti -sulfurization performance, color consistency, and excellent anti -mechanical damage capabilities. There is no dead lamp after the hot and cold shock (-40 100 ), the golden line,

Shantou Inverted COB Light Source Is Unreliable 1

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