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[Safe] This Opportunity to Use UVLED Solidification Is Safer

With the advancement of UVLED point light sources, line light sources, and facial light sources, the hidden safety hazards it brings are getting larger and larger. Please use in a place where ultraviolet light is not very strong. Do not illuminate the skin with ultraviolet light, otherwise ultraviolet light will cause damage to your vision and skin. 2. For cables connecting to the ejected head, please do not bend the cable frequently. The life of the wire will be reduced and the wire will be broken; please do not disassemble the device. Disassembling equipment may cause short -circuit or ultraviolet light leakage of electronic or ultraviolet light. 3. Do not touch the shot head after the equipment is disconnected or power -on, because the temperature has not dropped quickly. 4. When UVLED irradiated area, UVLED gum should be 45-55 C, because UV glue is solidified quickly at this temperature, and the attachment intensity will become stronger after curing. 5. The diluent in UV glue has a certain stimulating effect on human skin. Therefore, in the upper light operation, if the skin encounters UV light oil or UV glue, it should be washed off immediately with soapy water, otherwise the skin may occur. UV glue is liquid in the correct environment, but after ultraviolet light, such as sunlight and UVLED solid machines, it will be cured immediately after the light is illuminated. So please pay attention to using the UVLED light source. For more information, please log in to the official website of Tianhui

[Safe] This Opportunity to Use UVLED Solidification Is Safer 1

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