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Plant lighting has become one of the directions of the key layout of LED enterprises. And this layout has also improved the performance of related enterprises. Most companies benefit from plant lighting. In the first half of last year, revenue has dazzling results. However, since the third quarter of 2021, the plant with LED red light chips has been crowded out of the demand for vehicle and infrared LED markets, especially in high -end chips. At the same time, the power -driven IC is still out of stock. The delay of the shipping ship and the illegal grid of the North American indoor marijuana also affect the performance of the terminal product. The rapid development of plant lighting covered a shadow. Should I go to the wind and snow, or go to the ice, or take it time to stop, and accept it if I see it? In order to understand the company's layout and strategy, Ledinside conducts in -depth communication with the pain points, difficulties, and market development trends of plant lighting. Traditional Lighting VS Plant Lighting: Requirements and higher thresholds. LED plant lighting is very different from traditional lighting. It is mainly manifested in the use of scenarios, performance, technology, etc. This also makes LED plant lighting have a high industry threshold. Optical plant lighting LED lamp bead products put forward higher requirements for the system's research and development capabilities, independent innovation capabilities, quality and cost management and control capabilities. Among them, the difference between technology research and development and other lighting products mainly lies in the design of the optical formula. In terms of chips, plant lighting products are mainly concerned about photosynthetic photonic efficacy PPE/photosynthetic photon flux PPF, and ordinary lighting mainly focuses on LM and blue light and other issues. Different uses, customers have different requirements for chip performance. LED plant lighting requires chips to have higher light effects and higher reliability. When pursuing the light efficiency of 230lm/W, you need to use special optimized substrate, inverted chips, special reflectors and other technologies; when pursuing high reliability, the selection of process control and key raw materials is proposed. Extremely required. On the packaging end, the biggest difficulty of entering the LED plant lighting market is that the development and production of a high -yield, high -quality LED plant light source or lamps need to solve the integrated development of light environment intelligent regulation, plant optical biology, and LED semiconductor technology. The problem. The difference between plant lighting and traditional lighting is that plant lighting is more compatible with the characteristics of plant growth. It is necessary to consider from the level of biological optical. Adjust the spectral formula. In this regard, the National Star Optoelectronics is also at the forefront of the market. There are professional plant growth laboratories, and there are also spectral databases that simulate the growth of plant growth. Entering the plant lighting market not only requires light sources and module technology reserves, but also needs to understand the market and policy direction. In addition, for different regions, different plants, different growth stages of the same plant, etc., the most suitable and efficient "light formula" database and corresponding scheme must be established. Plant lighting is mainly high -power and high -light products, and enterprises need to accumulate for a long time in LED packaging technology. At the same time, customers have high life for LED plant lighting products, and the product needs 5-10 years of quality assurance. Plant lighting products are special lighting products for plant supplement light occasions. For example, according to the application objects of plant lighting, you need to design a spectrum that can cause specific reactions of plants; according to the particularity of the spectrum, the rich and adjustable spectral performance of LEDs is needed to achieve and optimize the spectral spectrum. From the perspective of packaging, excellent packaging technology requires high -light quantum efficiency high -reliability products, and also requires excellent optical design to maximize the distribution of light and strength. The three major thresholds in the field of LED plant lighting drivers: 1. Technical threshold: Plant lighting drivers are developing in a higher power direction. At present, the power supply on the market has reached 1200W, which may be improved again in the future. Design and production capacity have put forward great challenges. 2. Intelligent design threshold: Plants need different light in different growth stages. The control requirements for light are the requirements for the intelligent control of the power supply. 3. Market threshold: It is reported that both the quality of the product and the company itself are facing the customer's trust and recognition issues. If there is no appropriate entry point, the customer will not rush into a new manufacturer as a supplier as a supplier. Terminal growers' recognition and acceptance of LED plant lighting technology have reached a higher level, and their willingness to use LED plant lighting is also stronger and stronger, but LED plant lighting has high investment in the early stage, and the input -output ratio has become terminal growers. Major concerns. In the application scenario of plant lighting, electricity bills are the highest proportion of customer expenditure. Therefore, the difficulty of promoting current promotion is concentrated on how to balance the increase in short -term costs and long -term benefits. LED plant lighting prospects are broad. In addition to emerging products, traditional planting manufacturers will also use LEDs to replace traditional lighting. However, the one -time investment in LED plant lighting is high and the effect is long, which has become the main concern of the farmer's current concern. At present, the main market of LED plant lighting is overseas, which is affected by many factors such. But at the same time, the domestic market is also gradually developing. In the future, with the progress of LED technology and the unremitting pursuit of quality, the domestic market will gradually develop. Plant lighting is developing in a professional, efficient, and intelligent direction, but LED plant lighting high -quality manufacturers are mainly concentrated abroad. The layout of domestic manufacturers is not very obvious. On the one hand, the domestic plant lighting industry is in the early stage of development, and the products are still mainly exported by low -end products; on the other hand, due to the problems of low input -output ratio and expensive output products in domestic plant factories, this also becomes becoming a problem. The main obstacles to develop plant lighting in LED enterprises. In addition, the absence of industry standards is also a problem that plant lighting needs to be solved in promotion. The establishment of the plant lighting industry standards will play a very important role in the standardization of the plant lighting industry and the guidance of the technical direction, which can avoid the direction of the enterprise's wrong direction and reduce the waste of social resources. In addition, the establishment of industry standards can also enhance the trust of end users to plant lighting products, thereby accelerating the use of the downstream planting market for the use of plant lighting fixtures. Plant lighting is a multi -disciplinary comprehensive technology field. The industry lacks unified standards. At the same time, plant lighting is more conventional lighting compared to the actual needs of customers, use scenarios, etc. There is no doubt that the establishment of the standard of the plant lighting industry helps to promote the orderly development of the entire plant lighting field, but the establishment of industry standards can not be completed overnight. The people take food as the sky. Food is an indispensable part of human survival and development. LED plant lighting solves the impact and restrictions on the growth of plant growth on climate, geography, space, etc., and can accelerate the growth of plants and reduce the use of chemicals in a scientific way. In addition, LED plant lighting naturally has the attributes of environmental protection and energy conservation, which is an extremely important part of smart agriculture with science and technology as its core. It is worth noting that although LED plant lighting has a bright development prospect, its short -term development is dual constraints of internal and external factors. On the one hand, there are still many problems in LED plant lighting. At present, the industry's lack of understanding of the elements of different plant growth elements. For example, the best needs of different crops in different growth stages still need to be further studied. At the same time, it is not easy to integrate a more leading intelligent control system on the existing lamps. On the other hand, the external environment soil of LED plant lighting is not very fertile. The same party believes that in the face of the development of the global food crisis and smart agriculture, the trend of the plant lighting market in the future will become normal development, but in the short term, the policy guidance of the international market will have a greater impact on the plant lighting market. It is undeniable that LED plant lighting technology can improve the quality of crops and improve the taste of crops in the maturity period when the maturity period of the crops can be used to help the terminal growers reduce production costs. Looking forward to the future, under the requirements of ensuring food safety, people will build agricultural development in indoor and build vertical farm investment to shorten the food supply chain, and the global plant lighting LED market size will continue to rise. At the same time, with the long -term introduction of LED lighting equipment such as the greenhouse plantation owner and the emerging vertical farm planting owner, and the cost of LED lamps is expected to decline, it can further enhance the willingness of more indoor planting owners to replace traditional products into LED lamps and become pushing Improvement of future plant lighting LED market growth is important. [Label of this article] LED lamp bead manufacturer LED lamp beads light -emitting diode patch LED lamp bead plug -in LED lamp beads [Responsible editor]

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