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Patch LED Factory Reminds Everyone to Use the Patch LED Capacitance Precautions-Zhuhai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

The LED factory stated that when we confirm the use and installation environment, as a capacitor used within the rated performance range specified in the design instructions of the product sample design instructions, we should avoid using in the following situations: 1. High temperature (temperature exceeds the maximum use temperature).   二过压(电压超过额定电压)当LED贴片电容器上所施加电压高于额定工作电压时电容器的漏电流将上升 其电氧物性将在短期内劣化直至损坏. Third, overcurrent (current exceeds the rated ripple current), and after the applied wave current exceeds the rated value, it will cause the capacitor to be overheated, the capacity decreases, and the life span is shortened. Fourth, when the capacitor is installed, there is space above the explosion valve of the capacitor, avoid wiring and installation of other components, surroundings and circuit boards above the explosion valve to avoid installation of heat components. V. Patch LED processing factory reminds everyone that it is used in the circuit that repeatedly charged and discharged repeatedly. For example. 6. Apply a reverse voltage or AC voltage. When the DC aluminum electrolytic capacitor is connected to the circuit according to the reverse polarity, the capacitor will cause a short circuit of the electronic line. If the circuit may apply the positive electrode voltage in the negative line, choose an unseen capacitor. Seven, the environment that is in contact with water, salt water, oil, and dew, environment full of harmful gases (sulfide, ammonia, etc.), direct sunlight, ozone, ultraviolet rays and radioactive substances, vibration and impact conditions with radioactive substances In the harsh environment that exceeds the scope of samples and instructions, the use of LED patch capacitors is prohibited.

Patch LED Factory Reminds Everyone to Use the Patch LED Capacitance Precautions-Zhuhai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 1

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