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Nine Major Factor Affecting the Price of LED Lamp Beads

LED lamp beads are already a very familiar product in the LED industry, but many people do nt know much about the price of LED lamp beads. What is the reason for the price of LED lamps? You can clearly understand it. Let's take a look at the influencing factors of the price of LED lamp beads. LED size: different specifications of LEDs with different prices. For example, 0603 LED and 1210, that is, 3528 LED, the price is large; and the price of LEDs of 1210 and 5050 is different. Don't just pay attention to the price when buying LED lamp beads. Comprehensive assessment should. The chip used by LED lamp beads: chips include domestic and Zhuhai chips and imported chips (including American chips, Japanese chips, German chips, etc.). The chip is different, the price difference is very different. At present, the most expensive American chip, followed by Japanese chips and German chips, the lowest -priced Zhuhai chip, the heat dissipation performance is slightly worse. What chip is used? What effect should be achieved? Before buying. LED packaging: resin packaging and silicone packaging. The price of resin packaging is cheaper. Others are the same. The cooling performance of silicone packaging is good, so the price is slightly more expensive than resin packaging. LED color consistency: currently there are many packaging factories in China. There are thousands of large and small plus up, of course, there are strengths of strength and weakness. There are many small packaging factories because there is no split color division machine, so it is either different from the color or color, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. The color consistency of the LED without splitting color is poor, and the effect after lighting on the LED lamp bead is not so good, of course, the price difference is relatively large. LED welding effect: Two types of assembly and breakup and machine welding of LED lamp beads. Manual welding is to use the soldering iron and use the most primitive method for welding. The product that enters this operation is ugly (the welding joints are inconsistent with the size of the Fuzhou LED electronic display). The second is that the static maintenance measures are not good. Machine welding is welded with reflux welding, and machine welding is different. Not only the welding product is beautiful (the size of the welding joint, the smooth welding joints, the residual welding residue, the LED packaging is intact), and there will be no phenomenon of chip being burned by electrostatic and burning. At the same time, the LED position and direction are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance. FPC Material: FPC separation and delay copper and copper. It is cheaper to apply copper plate, and it is more expensive. The pad of the copper plate is easy to fall off when the bend is bent, but the crushing copper will not. Which material of the material is depends on the salesperson to make a decision based on the use environment. Does the FPC have undergone environmental certification and UL certification? Is there any patent for LED?. No price is low. The price of certification and patent is more expensive. LED brightness: different brightness of LEDs different prices. The price difference between ordinary brightness and high bright LED is very different. Therefore, you must clearly know what kind of brightness you need when buying, so that you can accurately locate your own products. LED color: different colors. Different price. Red, green is difficult to split color and color scattered, so the price is higher than the price of other colors; the color of red, yellow, blue and other colors is easier and consistent. Special colors such as purple and brown due to color reasons, the price is the most expensive.

Nine Major Factor Affecting the Price of LED Lamp Beads 1

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