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LED is a glowing semiconductor element and is recognized as one of the most promising high -tech products in the 21st century. While triggering the Lighting Revolution, it also made a significant contribution to promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection. With the vigorous promotion of the government and the transfer of global industries, future landscape lighting will be the great era of LED applications. LED gives a beautiful definition for the next beautiful city“Landscape Lighting”It is always reminiscent of the colorfulness of the city, and there is a colorful cloud on the bright light. Actually,“Landscape Lighting”The beauty of the city is not only limited to the night sky of the city in the fashion concept of modern urban people. Beauty enjoyment——One rising and one -reckless, revealing and hidden, reflecting the changing and modern rhythm of fashion. While increasing the changes in space, using another form to express the inherent culture of the city. This is the ultimate purpose of modern landscape lighting. LED, the fourth revolutionary LED of the history of human lighting is a glowing semiconductor element, which is recognized as one of the most promising high -tech products in the 21st century. While causing the Lighting Revolution, it also promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental environment Protective contribution. With the vigorous promotion of the government and the global industrial ladder transfer, the future landscape lighting will be the generation of LED dancing. What is the wonderful LED, favored by landscape lighting? (1) LED lighting has a huge energy-saving effect. The power of the single LED is only 0.03-0.06W, and the driving voltage is low (1.5-3.5V), the current is small (15---- 18mA), in the case of forming the same lighting effect, the power consumption is only one -eighth of the incandescent lamp, and one -half of the fluorescent lamp. It can be seen that the LED light source instead of ordinary lamps and fluorescent lamps for landscape lighting with huge power consumption. Its energy -saving effect is very obvious and has a strong market competitiveness. In addition, the LED light source life is 100 times the incandescent lamp and 20-30 times the fluorescent lamp, which eliminates the suffering of frequent maintenance, plus its rich color and good controllability. It is better for urban landscape lighting to light up. Now, LED is replacing traditional light sources at a rate of 50%, which will trigger the fourth revolution in the history of human lighting, greatly improving human living environment, alleviating the world's increasingly severe energy crisis. (2) LED's light source structure light (epoxy resin packaging), which is small, can adapt to a variety of geometric sizes and different space size. It belongs to solid light sources, does not inflatable, does not have gas sealing problems, no glass shell is required, and no need for glass shells. Impact, vibration resistance, and not easy to break, which determines that its lamp strength and stiffness are lower than the requirements of other electric light sources. Moreover, LED is a cold source, good controllability, fast response time, and can be extinguished repeatedly without tiredness. (3) LED light source is pure and rich, can evolve arbitrary colors, better than color gold halogen lamps, and its decoration is unparalleled. The exquisite LED light source makes it very flexible and can form a variety of points, lines, noodles, balls and other shapes. According to the purpose of landscape lighting and decoration, LED light sources can be used as a suitable point, line, face, ball, and other forms through the intelligent control technology of microcomputer, including: flash (flashing) control, which is suitable for formation to form formation, which is suitable for formation“Dotted line”; Gravity (soft change) control, suitable for formation“noodle”; Dynamic (jump) control, suitable for forming the vertical and horizontal dynamic changes of the pattern. The above three changes can also form a sphere rotation movement. In addition, single light control and group light control can be achieved. In short, compared with other ordinary light sources, the LED light source has the characteristics of mercury -free, energy saving, no electromagnetic interference with the environment, no harmful rays, impact resistance and other characteristics. The halogen lights and neon lights are mainly, but the LED light source will definitely enter the landscape lighting market with its unique advantages and gradually replace the original landscape lighting light source. LEDs are widely used in landscape lighting. With the progress of society and economic development, human beings have continuously pursued the quality of life, and the landscape lighting has an inestimable development space. At present, according to conservative estimates, the size of the domestic landscape lighting market alone is more than 20 billion yuan, and conventional landscape lights such as courtyard lights, trail lights, lawn lights, wall lights, building contour lights, small shooting lights, road sidewalk lights, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, and land, and land, and land, Buried lights, underwater lights, etc., can be used in LED light sources. We have reason to believe that with the technological progress of the LED industry, the scale of application scale continues to expand, and the cost of cost is further decreased, LED light sources will become the main light source of landscape lighting. Of course, LED is not without shortcomings. (1) LED is more“Delicate”, Need to support the support of excellent heat dissipation, constant current driver and other solutions. If it is not used properly, it is prone to light decay or even“Dead lamp”Phenomenon. (2) The power of a single LED is low. In order to obtain high power, multiple parallel use. (3) LED color rendering index is low. The color displayed under LED is not true in incandescent lamps. This should be analyzed from the spectral distribution. It is a technical problem. (4) LED is used in the family, and the efficiency of the transformer has improved the current technical level. Of course, the weakness and shortcomings of these LEDs are just small stumbling blocks in the landscape lighting market. It does not prevent it from being strong in the landscape lighting market. Although LED is good, the landscape lighting is also obvious, but landscape lighting is not a simple technical parameter. As a new carrier of the city's viewing and promoted, landscape lighting must be the perfect combination of art and technology. Among them, technology is the foundation, art requires technical support, and art is the perfect extension of the perfect technical basis. It is like a strong plant on a strong plant. Therefore, in order to allow modern landscape lighting to meet the predetermined requirements, engineers and designers need to cooperate closely and give full play to the director. LED landscape lighting must make great progress, not only the hardware technology of lighting needs to be improved and strengthened, but also the landscape lighting designer has a deep understanding of the city, including the historical heritage of the city, the keen insight of humanistic art, but also needed it. The lighting designer has the full analysis and application of scenery and light, unique appreciation taste, profound artistic insights, so as to achieve bamboo on the chest, long sleeves and good dance. In the process of LED landscape lighting design and installation, engineers and designers should also pay attention to the following points: (1) The goal of landscape lighting is to make landscape lighting and landscape coordination. New level of the environment. At the same time, pay attention to humanization and intelligence. Landscape lighting art must be used through light and lighting to be given the vitality of life. (2) LED lamps used in landscape lighting, the design should be flexible to beautify the day, and the art brighter in the night. In the future, the lighting of the landscape will inevitably jump out of simple hooks and running clicks. Combined with the advantages of LEDs, it provides high -quality and high -quality brightening projects and products. For example, with LED lamps outline the contour of the building, or embed the LED lamps on the building facade, form a pattern through the light optoelectricity combination, or use a small LED light light to light up the local facade of the building or component, etc. For the lighting method of the outer body or decoration of the building facade by outline the brightness and position of the luminous body itself, in addition to considering whether the building volume and style of the building are used to be used to adopt this lighting method, The brightness of the lamp should also have a certain relationship with the surface brightness of the lighting object. In other words, in addition to letting people see the patterns of the bright LED lamps, they should also let the viewers know the general shape and shape of the building, instead of letting some lonely bright lines or light spots hanging inexplicably in some bare point to float in inexplicably on the light. The air is not rigid to take pictures of the facade of the building. (3) When constructing the brightness and patterns of the luminous body attached to the building, we should pay attention to the relationship between the surface brightness and lighting direction of the lamp and the viewer's sight, because the night view of the building belongs to the scale of the urban street. People It will be viewed from a lot of positions and directions, that is, there will be a lot of viewing distance and viewing direction. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the design of the lamp design and the installation of the lamps, so that the beams that are very concentrated in the LED light source are made in the light source system made by the light source. The lamps that can be satisfactory can provide satisfactory landscapes from various angles and distances. Therefore, the official implementation of the project is a test of lighting effect, which is very necessary for landscape lighting engineering project. (4) When using LED products in the landscape lighting engineering, it should also be demonstrated on the economic aspects. Considering the relevant issues such as technical advancedness and reliability, construction costs, maintenance management, etc., improve the reliability of the lamps. Although LED lighting technology has gradually matured, heat dissipation and waterproof are still key issues, and they should pay special attention to. If possible, a report should be formed by the relevant experimental results and demonstration analysis and other materials. As an component of the design plan. Relevant experts and scholars should also put forward practical opinions and suggestions on the standard specifications of LED light sources in the lighting engineering and the evaluation method of lighting effects in order to allow the project to carry out smoothly. In short, LED landscape lighting is a perfect combination of technical and artistic combination. It requires the cooperation of lighting engineers and lighting designers to start from design concepts and creativity, and refine the technical solution to make each LED landscape lighting a city in cities A beautiful scenery. Make landscape lighting design perfect and moving. In the future of LED, in terms of landscape lighting, LED has a more unique advantage. It can be convinced that LED landscape lamps will be integrated along the cross -integrated avenue of multidisciplinary disciplines, towards the direction of artistic, intelligent, and flexible. Full business opportunities. Some of the inherent advantages of LED are the main driving force for LED landscape lighting to develop rapidly. LED application developers need to closely contact customers and upstream and downstream industries to support the promotion and application of high -quality products and projects. Aspect: (1) continues to develop high -power LEDs. (2) Second, the compact modular power supply design of LED lamps. LED power supply is different from traditional light sources. It uses low -voltage DC power. At present, high -efficiency DC power supply is not yet mature. The inefficient power supply system has made the LED energy -saving level greatly reduced. (3) Strive to eliminate the point -shaped light spots and uneven mixed color of LED plane -type light sources. (4) The advantages of LED applications in landscape lighting are unparalleled. It is soft and bright, colorful, and easy to achieve dynamic digital control, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It is the nirvana that it will replace traditional landscape lighting furniture in the future. LED publicity, improve the level of selection and use LED.

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