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Intelligent Camera Infrared LED Lamp Bead

The monitoring industry is undergoing changes, and it also affects all other industries. From the era of fixed cameras and video tape equipment, the monitoring system has gone through a long history. Traditional cameras generally refer to the honest camera that can only store the monitoring screen. If you need to find the abnormalities in the picture in time, you need to look back at the picture for a long time. Monitor video. The reason why smart cameras are called“intelligent”It is because the smart camera can actively capture the abnormal picture and automatically send the alarm, which greatly reduces the investment of the user's energy, which is convenient and simple. The core of the intelligent camera is the combination of the Internet of Things and the cloud applied with double swords. There is no indispensable: To achieve real -time and anytime and anywhere, the camera needs to be connected to the mobile phone through the mobile phone app, and you can view the camera's instantaneous screen. At the same time, at the same time, When the shooting screen appears abnormal dynamics or sound, the camera can automatically capture abnormalities and start cloud videos and upload automatically. You can also send warning information to users through SMS or mobile app to achieve all -weather intelligent monitoring. The current smart camera basically has 360°Rotating perspective, two -way call, encryption function, infrared night vision, mobile detection, multiple people watch, video playback, wireless wifi and other functions. Among them, the night vision effect is a point that consumers value. Specializing in the production of high -power infrared LED lamp beads, widely used in infrared cameras, night vision driving recorders, high stability products have been well received by customers' unanimous praise from customers. [Lighting Color]: Infrared (Invisible Light) [Power]: 20W/30W [Wavelength]: 740/850/940 [Voltage]: 14-24V [current]: 1050MA Product Application Infrared Lighting: Monitoring Equipment Products Features Using well -known manufacturer chip packaging 99.99%golden wire welding Integrated packaging. Circuit design is convenient for Zhuhai City Co., Ltd. is a professional LED lamp bead manufacturer. It has a number of national patents. Light beads, color LED lamp beads, etc., product stability is good, colorless difference, high temperature resistance, high power. We have 16 years of LED patch experience. The monthly production capacity is about 60 million PCS, and the annual output is about 500 million PCS. It integrates R & D, production and sales. If you need to learn more about the infrared LED lamp beads, you can consult our customer service, we can specialize in creating a suitable LED light source product for you.

Intelligent Camera Infrared LED Lamp Bead 1

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In a time characterized by advancements and growing concerns, for the environment the importance of ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diode (LED) technology cannot be overstated. UV LEDs find applications in fields such as water purification, sterilization and medical equipment.
Dive into the world of UV disinfection. Here, you'll learn how this eco-friendly method cleans water. Find out how UV LED modules and diodes play a part in this. Also, see how UV technology benefits sewage treatment plants. Are you ready? Let's get started.
Water is an indispensable resource that is required for the survival of all life. However, water can also be a source of microorganisms and contaminants that pose a health risk to humans. Therefore, water must be treated prior to consumption or use. Ultraviolet purification is one of the most effective methods of water purification.
The rapid expansion of the electronics industry has necessitated the development of new and innovative technologies to propel the industry forward. The application of UV LED solutions is one of the emerging technologies in the electronics industry. Due to their unique characteristics, such as long lifespan, energy efficiency, and compact size, these solutions have been extensively adopted in the industry as a suitable alternative to conventional lighting sources.
Have you ever thought about the tiny microbes hidden from the naked eye that can wreak havoc on our health? From harmful viruses and bacteria to mold and allergens, these microorganisms can threaten our well-being. Fortunately, various methods of disinfection can help us eliminate these unwanted guests. One of the most effective and eco-friendly options is UV disinfection.
Did you know that, as per a recent study, the average water bottle can harbor up to 300,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimeter? That's more than the average toilet seat! With concerns about waterborne illnesses and the spread of germs at an all-time high, it's no wonder that UV sterilization technology has become a hot trend in the water bottle industry.
Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation that falls within the light spectrum between visible light and x-rays. UV LED diode is divided into three main categories: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC light, which has the shortest wavelength and highest energy, is most commonly used for sterilization because it can kill or inactivate many microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
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