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[Intelligence] Easy to Be More Convenient to Intelligent UVLED Solid Light Source Equipment

With the acceleration of industrial automation, automation reduces errors related to people. The focus of automation has been transferred to improve quality and flexibility during the manufacturing process. This has led to manufacturing uniform quality products at different times. Our company has developed a product that can automatically adjust the height of the UVLED curing equipment. Main the uniformity of the UVLED curing device to be consistent. Our company's equipment controls the specified location by stepping on the steering method of step motor. The adjustment of the pulse frequency adopts software delay or hardware timing, and the lifting frequency adopts a straight -line lifting method, index curve lifting method or parabolic line lifting method. A utility of the pulse frequency adjustment is given. By analyzing the step -by -step motor frequency characteristic curve, the step -frequency form of the stepper motor is obtained, and it provides a complete software lifting frequency process chart. Improve the positioning accuracy of the step motor, improve the stability of the motor rotation, and accelerate the lifting process of the motor. The rotation of the control step motor requires 3 elements: direction, corner and speed. For drivers containing hardware, the direction depends on the height or low of the direction level sent by the controller. The corner depends on the number of steps sent by the controller, and the speed depends on the time interval between the step pulse issued by the controller. Our company's products control the UVLED curing device through the touch screen, and the tray will automatically move to the specified location after entering the specified moving height. This automatic and highly adjusted process improves the quality and flexibility of irradiation. equipment.

[Intelligence] Easy to Be More Convenient to Intelligent UVLED Solid Light Source Equipment 1

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