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In Which Direction Can Design LED Point Light Source Modules Consider From Which Directions

1. Energy -saving research data shows that because the LED point light source module is a cold source, semiconductor lighting itself does not have any pollution to the environment. Compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, power saving efficiency can reach more than 90%or more. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent lamps, and 1/2 of the fluorescent lamp tube. If you use LED to replace 50%of our current traditional lighting, the power saved by my country every year is equivalent to the sum of the power generation of a Three Gorges Power Station. Second, healthy LED is a green light source. The LED light is driven by DC, there is no flash flashes; there is no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering, and strong luminous direction; good light adjustment performance, visual errors will not produce when the color temperature changes; Low calories and can be touched safely; these are not reached by incandescent lamps and sunlight. It can not only provide comfortable light space, but also meet people's physiological and health needs well. It is a healthy light source that protects vision and environmental protection. Because the current LED power is small and the light brightness is low, it is not suitable to use it alone. It is designed to be designed with multiple LED dot light sources into a practical LED lighting. Lighting designers can determine the shape of the lighting system, the number of LEDs and power of the lighting system according to the needs of the lighting objects and the optical flux; it can also design several LED luminous pipes into the 'secondary of light sources, ring -shaped light sources or facial light sources. Light source ', design lamps according to the combined' secondary light source '. Third, artistic light color is the basic element of visual aesthetics, an important means to beautify the living room. The selection of light sources directly affects the artistic effect of lighting. The LED dot -point light source module shows unparalleled advantages in the artistic display lamps; currently color LED products have covered the entire visible spectrum range, and good monochrome, high color purity, high color purity The combination of red, green, and yellow LEDs makes the color and gray (16.7 million color) choice of color and gray. The lamp is a glowing sculpture. The material form of the lamp material, structure, form, and texture structure is also an important means to display art. LED technology enables the room lamps to better combine science and artistry, break the edge frame of traditional lamps, and transcend the inherent concept of so -called lamp form. The theme of understanding, understanding and expressing light from a new perspective. We can use the combination of light and dark in optical technology, the combination of light and color, and the advantages of material and structural design to improve the degree of design freedom to weaken the lighting function of the lamps, make the lamps a visual art, create comfortable and beautiful Lighting art effect. For example, the LED lamps similar to candles and aluminums similar to aluminum can be placed on the ground, corners or tables at will. It is simple and easy to conceive. The visual experience and light experience conveyed. Life body. LED -side light source LED injection molding module LED light strip LED waterproof irrigation glue module Hongyan cab triple -in -cab is three -one, three, humanization is beyond doubt, the relationship between light and human beings is an eternal topic, "People have seen it," people have seen it Lights, I saw the light ", it was this classic discourse that changed countless designers' understanding of the lamp. The highest level of lamps is "shadowless lamp" and the highest embodiment of humanized lighting. There is no trace of common lamps in the room, so that people can feel the light source but cannot find the light source. The LED lamps are small and light, and the LED dot -light sources modules of different light colors can be used to combine various modules with soft illumination. They are installed in the living room. Jewelry. Therefore, in the future, living room lighting will no longer be limited to a single lamp, but will be converted from a single lamp lighting to a large -shaded lamp with an overall lighting effect without a sensor. Different light and brightness can have different effects on people's physiology and psychology. In many cases, people do not need to be very bright white light. Maybe yellow light or other colors of light is more suitable for the needs of physiology and psychology. Three -based LED can achieve continuous transformation and selection of brightness, grayscale, and color, so that the white light in the general sense is expanded into a variety of colors of light.

In Which Direction Can Design LED Point Light Source Modules Consider From Which Directions 1

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