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How to Use the Correct Use of Red Light Laser Modules

The correct way to use the red light laser module: The red light laser module is one of the more lively electrostatic equipment in the equipment that is known now. Facing the question of using life numbers, through continuous research and improvement, the life of the laser diode LD can now reach 10,000 hours. Generally, the secondary tube of the laser will be equipped with a manual. It is assumed that when you use it according to the instructions, the conductor laser diode has a very long life number of life. Beyond the rated value of the laser. So when taking the red light laser module at any time, the appropriate static maintenance method should be used. Because the laser diode has extremely high electrostatic activity I, they will not be returned after the sealing. Assuming that the red light laser module adheres to the original packaging, it can be returned and exchanged, so before buying, you must have the common sense of accurate use of the red light laser module to avoid unnecessary losses. Placement and storage method: 1. Static bracelet: The ground -ground anti -static bracelet should be used when the red light laser module is taken off. Anti -static bracelets can securely remove the static electricity on the person who contacts red light laser modules, extended photoelectric detectors, and other static living I. Use with electrostatic control path pads together. The anti -static effect will be better. 2. Anti -static radio pad: It should be operated on the ground anti -static radio pad. The static electricity time is 50 milliseconds, and the anti -static station mat can maintain the optoelectronic equipment that can be used to avoid damage to the electrostatic discharge. The electrostatic relaxation time of these heavy pads is 50 milliseconds to ensure that the protection effect can be performed under extreme conditions. The electrostatic protection takes can generally be linked to the pathway. When contacting the living I -linker electronic equipment is, it is very important to use the wristband to ground the operator. Red light laser module storage: When the laser diode is not applicable, the wire of the red light laser module is shortened, and then the ESD damage is avoided. LED module parameters: Now we mainly explain the parameters of the LED module: (1) Color this is a basic parameter, LED outer extension, wholesale, different colors in different occasions. According to the color type, it can be divided into three types: monochrome, colorful, and full -color single -point control. Monochrome is a single color. You can work after connecting the power supply. Colorful is that the entire string of modules can only be the same color, and cannot achieve different colors of a single module. In simple terms, only all modules can only achieve the same color at the same time. Inter -changing. A single point of full color can be controlled to the color of each module. When the number of modules reaches a degree, the effect of displaying pictures and videos can be achieved. You need to add control systems to achieve the effect of colorful and full -color single points. We will introduce the control system selection and application in detail in the control system chapter. (2) Voltage This is a very important parameter. At present, the low -voltage module of 12V is more common. When connecting the power supply and the control system, you must check the correctness of the voltage value in order to power the power, otherwise it will damage the LED module. (3) Work temperature means that the temperature of the normal work of LED. Usually between -20 60 , special treatment must be performed if a relatively high range of required range. The laser module's transmission principle and the particularity of the process determine the characteristics that laser has ordinary light does not have: that is, Sanhao (good monochrome, good coherence, good direction) one high (high brightness). The use of good orientation of laser and high brightness can be widely used in medical Liaoning health, military, pseudo, security, stage (red, green, blue) lighting, various electric tools, measurement instruments, equipment, horizontal ruler, positioning, positioning Instrument, ranging meter, temperature measuring meter, laser marking meter (thread instrument), various plates cut into molding machines, stone machinery, woodworking machinery, metal sawing machine, packaging machine, storage line, clothing (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine (sewing machine , Cutting machine, automatic manual fractoring machine, pocket machine, set machine, padding machine, embroidery machine, printing machine, pearl machine, nail buckle machine, rivet machine, beer machine), electronic work, mouse, U, U, U, U, U, U, U, u Disk, camera, mobile phone, projection education pages, laser pens, crafts, in -room decoration, flashlights, gifts, toys and other products. It is convenient and fast, intuitive, useful, easy to device, stable and firm, and can increase the efficiency of progressive progress. Laser taber is an auxiliary instrument for the positioning of the marked line. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, small volume, good stability, convenient installation, etc., is widely used in stone bridge cut/cutting machine, sheet metal shear pressing machine, tire molding machine, shoe making machine positioning, textile printing and dyeing standards, cutting beds, cutting beds, cutting beds, cutting beds, cutting beds. Cutting matches with pairs, glass processing machinery, cutting machine to knife, textile printing and dyeing laser alignment, tailor laser positioning, clothing nail button light source positioning, pocket positioning, tailoring machine tailoring line, clothing folding edge edge Laser standard line positioning, fabric cutting industry fabric, pair and pairing line, standard line, tailor processing, sports equipment processing, glass processing machinery, electronic SMT positioning fixing, printed circuit board indication positioning, printer indication positioning and construction decoration , Tire forming machine, woodworking machinery (single -piece vertical saw machine, multiple vertical sawers, four -sided saw, pushing table saw, multiple saws, metal cutting machines, metal sawing machines, etc.) Profession.

How to Use the Correct Use of Red Light Laser Modules 1

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