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High -quality LED Lamp Beads Color Temperature Knowledge Popularization

Technology Co., Ltd. (13 industry experience in the production field of LED lamp beads). For the convenience of customers' choice of color temperature, the engineering department can provide customers with solutions. Technology Co., Ltd. can provide solutions for LED lamp bead manufacturers. The company's color temperature knowledge is popular: Because most of the light emitted by the light sources is collectively referred to as white light, the color surface temperature or related color temperature of the light source is used to indicate its light The degree of color is relatively white. Black Body Locus on the CIE color seat shows the process of black body red -orange red -yellow -white -white -white -white -white -white -white. The black body is warm to the same temperature when the light source or close to the light color. It is defined as the related color temperature of the light source, which is called the color temperature, and the absolute temperature K (Kelvin or Kaishi temperature) is the unit (K = 273.15)). Therefore, when the black body is heated to red, the temperature is about 527 C, which is 800K, and other temperatures affect the change of light color. The more blue the light color, the higher the color temperature; the lower the color temperature, the lower the color. The light color of the painting in the day also changes with time: 40 minutes after sunrise, the light color is yellow, and the color temperature is 3,000K; the sun is white at noon, rising to 4,800-5, 800K; ; Before sunset, the light color is red, and the color temperature drops to paper 2,200K. The related color temperature of other light sources is in fact when the related color temperature is in fact, when the black body radiation is close to the light color, the value of the light source of the light source is not a precise color contrast. There may still be a little difference in the appearance of light color. It can not understand the color rendering ability of the light source to the object by the color temperature, or the reproduction of the color of the object under this light source. Related color temperature of different light sources environment North Qing Kong 8000-8500K Yinyin 6500-7500K Summer Non-Summer Sunshine 5500K metal halide lamp 4000-4600K Afternoon daylight 4000K Cold Camp Light 4000-5000K High-pressure mercury lamp 3450-3750k warm color camp light 250000 -3000K halogen lamp 3000K tungsten wire lamp 2700K high-pressure sodium lamp 1950-2250K candlelight 2000K light sources are different, and the light color is different. There is a stable atmosphere and warm feeling below 3300K; the color temperature is 3000--5000K is the intermediate color temperature, which has a refreshing feeling; the color temperature is above 5000K. Different light colors of different light sources form the best environment. Color temperature is a feeling of human eyes on light or white reflection. This is a comprehensive and complex factors of physics. Body and psychology. The color temperature can be changed in an artificial way in the TV (luminous body) or photography (reflector). For example, we use 3200K hot light (3200K) on photography, but we add red filter on the camera to the lens. Filter through a little red light to make the photo look a bit lower; the same reason, we can also reduce a little red on TV (but reduce too much more, it will affect the normal red performance). The preference in color temperature is dependent on person, which is related to our daily view of the scenery. For example, people who are close to the equator, the average color temperature seen daily is 11000K (8000K (dusk) 17000K (noon)), at noon), So I prefer high -color temperature (it looks more real). On the contrary, people with high latitudes (average color temperature of about 6000K) prefer low -color temperature (5600K or 6500K), that is, if you use a high high The color temperature TV shows the landscape of the Arctic, and it seems to be biased; on the contrary, if you use a low -color temperature TV to watch the subtropical style, you will feel a bit red. How is the color temperature of the TV or the display defined? Because the average color temperature of the year and four seasons in China is between 8000K and 9500K, the production of the TV station on the show is based on the color temperature of the audience to 9300K. However, because of the usual color temperature and the differences in us, in Europe and the United States, based on the average color temperature of the year and four seasons, it is about 6000K for reference. Therefore, when we watch those foreign films, we will find that 5600K 6500K is most suitable for watching viewing. Of course, this difference makes us feel that it feels warm and warm when I see the computer or TV screen of European and American TVs fiercely. It is the person with colorful and black eyes looking at 9300K is white, but the blue -eyed people look at it with blue 6500K blue eyes. This article comes from LED lamp bead manufacturers. Reprinting needs to indicate the source HTTP: // Welcome to inquire: 13902912109 Mr. Jiang 310S stainless steel pipe personal resume template 304 stainless steel pipe Tibetan scriptures

High -quality LED Lamp Beads Color Temperature Knowledge Popularization 1

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