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Difficulty to Prevent the Development of UVC Lamp Beads

With the rapid development of the entire industry and driven by this epidemic, UVC lamp beads may be expected to enter the growing fast lane this year. Why do you say that? Let s take a look with the UVC lamp bead manufacturer, and now the two major problems that prevent UVC lamp beads develop. 1. In the ordinary consumer market: 1) Mass shopping malls about disinfection i sterilization is not just needed. Bacteria have survived hundreds of millions of years on the earth, and bacteria and humans are in a symbiotic state at many times. In the environment that does not affect human life and homework, the demand for sterilization of disinfection i for disinfection of the mass mall is not strong. In addition, because UVC lamp beads are invisible light, they cannot be visible or touched. Customers cannot perceive the role of UVC lamp beads. 2) Even if the mass shopping mall is conscious of disinfection I, there are many ways to choose, there are oxygen sterilization, high temperature sterilization, sterilization of disinfection, etc., and even people usually use boiling water to reach the effect of sterilization and disinfection, ultraviolet rays UVC lamp bead is just a kind of sterilization method for disinfection i. At present, UVC lamp beads have not found a very painful point, a decision to replace the alternative, the demand is revealed, and it is still to be discovered. With people's economic conditions getting better and better, the quality of life is getting higher and higher. Many newly renovated houses use many lamps, and then they also give birth to many UVC lamp beads, sterilized disinfection lamp manufacturers. However, many people do nt know how to choose when they choose disinfected UVC lamp beads. Xin Youwei mainly develops and sells new products and sell new products: UVC lamps, ultraviolet lamp beads, infrared LED lamp beads and other products. It is a very good manufacturer. trustworthy.

Difficulty to Prevent the Development of UVC Lamp Beads 1

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