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Detailed Analysis of Manufacturer LED Light Sources and COB Integrated Light Sources

COB integrated light source and LED light sources are two kinds of lamps that are famous in today's lamp industry. The difference is that LED integrated light sources generally use large -size high -power LED chips with a large size of more than 1 watt. The COB light source is mainly based on a small -power LED chip of less than 1 watt, and a small amount of COB light source will also use a high -power LED chip of more than 1 watt. Their overall characteristics have some similarities, and the manufacturers make a detailed analysis for everyone. COB integrated light source characteristics to integrate several small power LED light sources on a stand to get light sources to integrate light sources. Generally referring to the form of encapsulation of Chip on Board, which is commonly known as COB packaging, that is, to put several chips directly to the substrate, encapsulate with silicone, epoxy resin or other materials. The yellow is fluorescent powder. At present The main problem in lighting applications is the problem of volatile fluorescent powder and the aging of the lens. COB integrated light sources are widely used in LED bubbles, LED light cups, LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED bean bile lamp products. It is one of the mainstream trends of LED lighting light sources .cob integrated light sources mainly have the following Features: 1. Can be freely matched and combined to form a variety of LED lamps, which is convenient for assembly. 2. High reliability, no dead lamp, no plaques. 3, uniform light, soft light, no glare, not hurting the eyes. 4. High color rendering index, high light effect. 5. Under normal current, the minimum attenuation is controlled at less than 3% within 1000H. 6. Safe and reliable, all work below 50V, fully consider the application certification. 7, green environmental protection, no pollution. LED, high -efficiency energy -saving effect, has been given the title of green lighting. According to the analysis of LED lighting products, COB integrated light sources, as the core of lighting, have always been the core of LED development. The understanding of COB integrated light sources can be divided into several aspects. Click, then place the silicon wafer directly on the surface of the base, heat it to firmly fix the silicon wafer until the base is firmly fixed, and then use the silk welding method to directly establish electrical connections between the silicon wafer and the base. Compared with the traditional aluminum substrate, ceramics, ceramics The reflectance of the substrate is high, which helps improve the light effect. Ceramics has the characteristics of high reliability, long life and other characteristics. The thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of ceramics is small. Even in high temperature environments, the surface is relatively flat, which helps heat dissipation. It is easy to assemble, you can directly assemble the ceramic substrate COB light source directly on the radiator through the heat conduction. The heating coefficient of ceramics is high, LED has the industry's leading thermal streaming maintenance rate (95%), and ceramics is an insulator. It helps LED lighting products to pass various high -voltage tests and can resist high pressure 4000V or more. Choose LED lamp beads to choose the right high -quality LED manufacturer. The material is guaranteed, and the price of large amounts will be relatively favorable. There is no middleman to earn the difference. Xiaobian recommends the Zhuhai manufacturer LED light source and COB integrated light source. Rest assured LED manufacturers are trustworthy! LED light source characteristics LED light source is the light source of luminous diode (LED), which has the characteristics of high efficiency and long life. LED light sources mainly include ring light sources, strip light sources, line -type light sources, refusal light sources, backlight sources, outer coaxial reflection light sources, internal coaxial dot -shaped light sources, hemispherical ridge light sources, etc. With the continuous research of people's research on semiconductor luminous materials, the continuous progress of the LED manufacturing process and the development and application of new materials (nitride crystals and fluorescent powder), the ultra -high brightness LEDs of various colors have made breakthrough progress, and their luminescence is emitted The efficiency has improved a lot, and all the color of the visible light wave segment has been realized in terms of color. The important thing is the appearance of ultra -high brightness white light LED, making the LED application field span into high efficiency lighting light sources market. Someone once pointed out that high brightness LED will be one of the great inventions after the invention of human beings invented the invention of the fixing light bulbs. 1. High emitting efficiency, LED has improved its luminous efficiency after decades of technical improvement. And its light monochromaticity and narrow spectral spectrum, no filter can emit a colored visible light directly. 2. Less power consumption. 3. Life life, use electronic light field radiation, filament light and easy to burn, heat sink, light attenuation and other disadvantages. The size of LED lights is small, light weight, and epoxy resin packaging can withstand high -intensity mechanical impact and vibration, not easy to break. 4. Strong safety and reliability, low heat, no heat radiation, cold light sources, can be safely touched: can accurately control the light and luminous angles, soft color, no glare; no mercury, sodium elements, etc. may endanger health and health. Substance. The built -in micro -processing system can control the light strength, adjust the lighting method, and realize the combination of light and art. 5. It is conducive to environmentally friendly LED as a full -solid luminous body, shock resistance, impact resistance is not easy to break, waste can be recycled, no pollution. The volume of the light source is small and can be combined at will. It is easy to develop into lightweight and short and short lighting products, which is also convenient for installation and maintenance. The above is the characteristics of COB integrated light sources. The LED light source features are analyzed in detail. I believe that the difference between these two lights also understands it.

Detailed Analysis of Manufacturer LED Light Sources and COB Integrated Light Sources 1

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