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Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Bead Manufacturers Tell You That the Cause of the Price of Lamps

At present, there are very few manufacturers that can produce LED and LED lighting. Different high -brightness LED lamp bead manufacturers choose different quality LEDs is important reasons for different LED lighting prices. Due to the increasingly fierce price competition, there are almost the same product, structure, and functions, and the price difference is 2 to 3 times. Many users are dizzy temporarily. Where does the price difference come from? Generally, it is difficult for LED lighting manufacturers to produce LED luminous pipes. Consumers are also difficult. Therefore, it is best to choose your own excellent LED production source, or to have a complete LED detection device LED lighting. The LED lighting products purchased are more guaranteed. The reason why the manufacturers who plug in LED lamp beads will take you Dlight beads. The light -emitting diode used for light -emitting diode lamps shall meet the standard of lightning strike level. 2. Anti -electrostatic capacity Anti -static capacity has a long service life of light -emitting diodes, so the price is high. Generally speaking, the light -emitting diode with a resistance to static power is greater than 700 volts for light -emitting diode lighting. 3. The wavelength wavelength with the same light emitting diode is the same color. If the same color is required, the price will be high. There are no light -emitting diode differential products with pure color products. 4. The leakage current light -emitting diode is a unidirectional conductive light emitting body. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. Lifting diodes with large leakage currents, short life, low price. LED luminous angle with different use of light -emitting angle is different. Special lighting angle, higher price. For example, a full -firing angle, the price is higher. The key to the different quality of life is the number of life, and the number of life depends on light decay. Light failure, long life, long life, high price. The luminous diode of the LED chip polar pipe chip is a chip. Different chips are very different in price. The Japanese -American chip is more expensive. The chip giant chip is highly expressed by side length, the quality of the large chip LED is better than the small chip. Property is proportional to the size of the chip. 9. Ordinary emitting diode collagen is generally epoxy resin. The light -emitting diode with anti -ultraviolet and fireproof agent is more expensive. High -quality wild light emitting diode lighting should resist ultraviolet rays and fire prevention. There are still some illegal apprentices, deception suppliers, deceive suppliers data production products, and sell products in exchange for cash in exchange for cash. There are also a few high -brightness light -emitting diode lamp bead manufacturers deceive dealers and users with unrealistic commitments, and then use the tricks of constantly changing the business number or the person in charge to shirk responsibility.

Deep Ultraviolet LED Lamp Bead Manufacturers Tell You That the Cause of the Price of Lamps 1

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