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[Change] Market Change Accelerates the Hot UVLED and IRLED Fields

In order to respond to the rapid change of the market, the LED industry has adjusted the organization and strategy direction in recent years. While continuously improving the lighting efficiency and the low cost of the killing price, it has been trying to enter the niche market to improve the profitability. At present, the mainstream applications of LEDs include mobile phones, large -sized backlight, lighting and vehicle growth momentum, and more and more LED factories have invested in niche market applications such as UVLED and IRLED. The LED industry is sluggish, and the emergence of the informal field applications will be stored in Chao Chao. In 2015, the global LED market output value is estimated to be about 14.52 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate (YOY) fell to 2 %. Excluding negative and long -term situations during the fourth quarter settlement. It is stored in the current period that the LED industry has entered the current period. It is estimated that the global LED market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next five years may only be about 3 %. Accelerating the elimination of invalid production capacity, forcing some manufacturers to withdraw from the market. As for the LED niche market applications such as Infrared, IR) LED, Ultraviolet (UV) LED, and are divided into UVA, UVB, UVC according to their different wavelengths, are relatively opportunities to drive demand growth. Taiwan factory cells, research crystal photovoltaic, and Nikkiso (Nikkiso) also expressed their views on the development of UVLED and IRLED in the conference. IRLED: Xie Mingxun, deputy general general general general general of the high crystal electricity R & D center of high crystal electricity research and development center, pointed out that UVLED and IRLED belong to the niche market. Although the current demand is not large, the profit is better. In terms of IRLED, the price of a single price is about the same. 8 to 16 times of size Blu -ray LED. Crystal has the UV to IR series spectrum LED chip. Among them, IRLED is mainly used in the two major categories of Security monitoring and sensor. In the field of security monitoring, applications include network surveillance cameras with IR850NM and 940NMLED, as well as Nightvision systems set in car headlights. The driving field can reach 150 to 200 meters, and it is also clearer. Xie Mingxun further stated that the night vision system should be the largest of IRLED demand. The sensor field is widely used. In addition to the proximitySensor module and wearable device for smartphones, it also includes the promising biosensors (BIO-Sensor) applications, such as detecting heartbeat With blood oxygen, the former uses IR530NM, 660nm, 940NMLED, and the latter uses IR660NM and 940nmled. In addition, for iris recognition applications that need special wavelengths, crystal electricity also has IR810NMLED to correspond, which is quite advantageous in competition. UVLED: Customized solutions cut into industrial and medical fields. According to analysis, the UVLED market penetration rate in 2014 reached 15 %, and the market size was about 122 million US dollars. The above; in the UVLED market, UVA accounts for 90 % of the proportion, and its largest application is UVCing. Wei Zhihong, chairman of Yanjing Optoelectronics, explained that the UV curing application covers medical adhesion, electronic part assembly, printing, coating, etc.;. He said that because these applications are different, UVLED is more difficult to replace traditional UV lights, and it must be built to replace the whole system. Wei Zhihong said that UVALED has been applied in the industrial field and has become popular. It is expected to grow significantly in the next two years, but he also admits that although UVLED gross profit is relatively high, he still has to overcome many obstacles to the market. UVALED is a highly customized market and is service -oriented. It must provide a comprehensive solution for customers. Single design cannot correspond Compromise. Another important market in UVLED is the Deepultraviolet (DUV) LED applied in the fields of sterilization, medical care, resin sclerosis and other fields. The Duvled product wavelength of the Nikkiso (Nikkiso) is between 250nm and 350nm. The Japanese machine installation manager CyrilperNot said that after years of continuous improvement of DUVLED products, the current 285nm products have increased from 30MW to 50MW at 350mA current. Water purification equipment module. The threshold of the unsightly light field is high, and the breakthrough challenge to promote industrial growth. Looking at the development of the unsight light field in LEDs, it is stored in IrLED and UVLEDs. However, because the threshold for entering this field is not low, it is not possible to enter the market smoothly without launching the right product. Taking IRLED for biosensions as an example, it must pass a series of tedious certification and take a long time. It also has to be imported by the brand manufacturer, so the opportunity is relatively difficult to evaluate; for most of the customized UVLEDs, manufacturers cannot be unable to use it. Like in the past, the cost of low -scale economic pressure must be adjusted to quickly change the corporate structure to quickly change according to the customized orders. It is still that the LED market will still have business opportunities in the future, and I look forward to breaking through innovation of related technologies and becoming a driving force for the next market to continue to grow.

[Change] Market Change Accelerates the Hot UVLED and IRLED Fields 1

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