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[Application 6] Where Is UV LED Mainly Used?

With the development of technology, the optical industry is getting closer to our lives. As small as mobile phone lenses, as large as aerospace telescopes, they are all optical applications. Due to the uniqueness of its material, it is impossible to use traditional mechanical assembly and fixation. UVLED glue must be used for bonding and fixing. TIANHUI's UVLED can be widely used in the optical industry, providing UVLED optical solidification for specific production processes. In the optical industry, TianhuiuVLED optical curing applications have some processes: 1. Optical component assembly (lens group, prism, optical engine assembly) 2. Image instrument assembly (infrared instrument, night vision, microscope, endoscope, probe, etc.) In the optical communications industry, Tianhuiuvled optical solidification applications are as follows 1. Siterless devices (WDM WDM, array grating waveguide AWG, light separator Splitter, optical isolate isolator, optocoupler Couplor, etc.) Glass packaging structure bonding or sealing, fixing of tiny components, etc. 2. Source devices (same axis device TOSA/ROSA, BOSA, VCSEL, Laser Performators, etc.) Especially FTTX low -cost small -ized plastic packaging structure 3. Optical fiber optical cable (outer coating, labeling, adhesion, optical fiber gyroscope meter ) If you also do some of the above or assemblies, you can get in touch with Tianhui in the following ways. Tianhui will definitely stand on the technical level to answer you one by one! Tianhui Zhuhai Headquarters Contact: Manager Li Movement: 13602666094 Contact: Manager Liu: 18811880519tianhui East China Office (guests from East China, North China, please contact) Contact person: 13048834002

[Application 6] Where Is UV LED Mainly Used? 1

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UV LED technology has revolutionized the printing industry, offering a safe and efficient alternative to traditional printing methods. One of the most significant advantages of UV LED technology is its ability to produce high-quality prints with low-migration properties.
UV LED printing system is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the printing industry by offering faster printing speeds, improved print quality, and increased energy efficiency. However, like any technology, it has its own pros and cons.
The quantity of framework suppliers, formulators, and OEM machine manufacturers supporting these applications extends alongside the rundown of functional UV LED utilizes. This consistent ascent empowers UV LED innovation's future in the business.
UV LED curing transforms inks, coatings, adhesives, and other photo-reactive materials into immediately fixed-in-place solids through polymerization using efficient electron ultraviolet (UV) light. In contrast, "drying" solidifies chemistry by absorption or evaporation.
The UV light utilized nowadays is traditionally produced by UV lamps based on mercury vapor for numerous industrial and medicinal uses. It has long been established that certain UV light waves have a severe germicidal effect, causing irreparable damage to DNA and RNA in microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
Considering how technology is reshaping the market, the printing sector is thriving more than ever. Businesses are currently creating new methods for printing ideas and enhancing collateral, demos, and other types of media.
The Coronavirus outbreak has significantly disrupted society's ability to function normally and people's daily lives by making them fearful of being touched by microorganisms.
Recently, some customers want to use UVLED coatings to apply on the product and put the reaction process in a special environment. Considering that workers cannot op...
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