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Analysis of the Application of LED Lamp Beads Light in Mines Lighting

Mine lighting LED lamp beads light sources are an important part of the mining machinery industry. Old -style mine lamps such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high -pressure sodium lamps, which not only consume large power, but also have a short light bulb life, small luminous area, and uneven light. Especially the old -fashioned mine lamps are mostly used in improper use and can cause the ore gas explosion, which seriously endangers the safety of mines. A 4th generation new -type light source light -emitting diode (Lighting Diode) LED lamp beads with high energy saving, environmental protection, harmless, long life, low heat, earthquake resistance, and high color purity. Lights, traffic lights, car lights, etc., there will also be a wide range of application prospects in the lighting of the mine. At present, mining lighting is mainly divided into factory ground lighting and mining underground lighting. Factory ground lighting is the same as the light source in daily life. Litto lighting can be divided into lane lane lighting, work -faced lighting, and other work point lighting, etc. The selection of LED lamp beads should be selected according to different environments and use requirements. Alleyway lighting mine lane lane lighting is mainly to provide lighting for transportation or pedestrian channels. At present, most of the lane lane explosion -proof lamps widely used at home and abroad use ordinary straight fluorescent lamps as light sources. It has shortcomings such as electric energy consumption, short light bulb life, and difficulty in maintenance. The light source of LED lamp beads can not only consume low and save energy, but also has a long life, which can effectively reduce the maintenance of the lamp lamps. Now my country's mine has begun to promote the lane lane explosion -proof lamps of LED lamp beads. Although there are still certain problems in the initial stage, as the improvement of LED light source technology, its application in lane lane lighting will become more and more wider and wider and wider. The workmarking of the job is now the light source used in mining work, which is often used in small dual -tube core high -pressure sodium lamps. Although its life span is long, its light color is not very good, which makes the entire work surface dim, and it is easy to cause accidents to occur in the occurrence of accidents. In recent years, with the rapid development of lighting sources, it is gradually applying to mining working surface lighting. Different from conventional high -voltage sodium lighting sources, it uses low -voltage DC power supply. High -efficiency white light diode synthesized by GAN base power type and yellow fluorescent powder has the unique advantages of high -efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and high unique advantages. With the technological progress of the LED light source, the light power LED light source will be widely used in the work -facing head surface. The old -fashioned lamps in the mine lamp are mostly incandescent lamps. The electric energy consumption is large and the luminous lights are short. The LED light source lighting technology is used on the lamp, and the advantages are obvious. It has the same advantage of the old -fashioned mine lamp and 1/3 of the incandescent lamp consumption. Therefore, the LED mining light is now widely promoted and gradually replaced by the old -fashioned mineral lamps. In addition, because the LED light source has earthquake resistance and impact resistance, the explosion -proof LED light source lamps are also applied on locomotives such as excavations and achieved good results. With the continuous improvement of LED light source technology, its application prospects in mine lighting will be more extensive. The method of improving the output power of LED light sources is the most important parameter of the lighting source. The luminous efficiency of LED is the ratio of the electrical energy of transmission and input. To improve the lighting efficiency of LEDs, it can improve the transmitted light flux, that is, the LED output power. For a single LED, the output power is very small, often adopted or circularly arranged to obtain a large power output, which causes the disadvantages of excessive volume and difficulty in heat dissipation. To obtain the optimized distribution scheme between the output power and the number of LEDs, the following measures can be taken. 1. Improving the heat dissipation efficiency. The LED light source is a cold source. The single LED heat is very small, but for the LED dot matrix, due to the large number of LEDs, the arrangement is dense, and the heat is not ignored. If there is no good heat dissipation control, the LED will not work properly. The output power will be greatly reduced. Methods to improve heat dissipation efficiency are high -thermal guidance materials, increased heat dissipation area, and improved heat dissipation methods, etc. 2. Increased reflective (umbrella) cover LED and strong direction, but the scattered angle is large, such as glowing LED, horizontal vertical scattered angle°. Adopt the method of increasing the reflective (umbrella) cover, collect as much as possible as much as possible, the rear direction and edge of the LED, reduce the loss of light, and use the output power to maximize the use. 3. The LED arrays of the LED array of LeD standard system is a divergent light source. In order to reduce the loss of light, in addition to increasing the reflex (umbrella) cover, a new lighting system LED diagnostic optical system can be used. As shown in the figure, it is shown in the figure. The LED array quasi -direct optical system This system adopts non -imaging optical method to effectively converge the optical flux of the LED array, convert the optical flux into a high brightness convergence of the light beam, so as to obtain a small divergence area and increase the LED output power. In recent years, my country's LED lamp beads have rapidly entered the mainstream lighting system, and they are gradually applied in the mine. Although there are still some technical problems in the popularization of mines, such as the optical flux needs to be improved, there is still a certain gap between the light from the LED lamp beads and the natural light;. However, LED lamp bead light sources will be mature, and some technical difficulties will gradually solve, especially in the context of global energy shortage, the market prospects of combining LED light sources and solar energy are very huge. The application prospects of LED light sources in the lighting market will be massive, and it will definitely become the dominant light source of the 21st century and contribute to the mining lighting.

Analysis of the Application of LED Lamp Beads Light in Mines Lighting 1

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