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[Advantages] UVLED Point Light Source Advantages and Characteristics

[Advantage] UVLED point light source advantages and characteristics are well known that UV (UV light) more than 30 years ago was successfully promoted to commercial applications. In response to UV optical solidification characteristics, each adhesive producer developed a series of UV products for bonding, sealing, printing, and other fields. These products will be solidified or hardened (aggregated) under UV light (certain wavelength and a certain light intensity), and are more efficient, energy -saving and environmentally friendly with traditional products -UV light solidification. UV curing equipment has also gone through the process of continuous research and development. The production process with mercury lights as the mainstream has been adopted for a long time. However, due to the expensive price, high maintenance costs, and rapid decay of UV's light intensity, the surface temperature, large volume, expensive consumables, tribute pollution and other defects of the incident elements have been committed to improvement. Difficult to break through. The advent of UVLED has brought revolutionary changes to the UV curing industry. It has the characteristics of constant light intensity, excellent temperature control, portable environmental protection, and relatively low procurement costs and almost zero maintenance costs. UV LED point light sources, wire light sources, and facial light sources have begun to be applied to various industries. Tianhui believes that after the joint efforts of the entire industry, the future UV curing industry will definitely have a new world of environmental protection and energy conservation. 1. The service life is relative to the traditional UV curing equipment. The use of mercury lamps is only 800-3000 hours, and the service life of UV LED ultraviolet curing system reaches 20,000-30000 hours. The LED method can be lit instantly when the ultraviolet is needed, and when duiy = 1/5 (preparation time = 5 irradiation time = 1), the service life of the LED method is equivalent to 30-40 times the mercury lamp method. Reduce the time to replace the bulb: improve production efficiency, and at the same time is very energy -saving. When the traditional mercury lamp method curing equipment is working, due to the slow start of mercury lamp and the opening and closing of the light bulb, it must be lit all the time, which not only causes unnecessary power consumption, but also shorten the working life of the mercury lamp work. 2. No heat radiation high -power light emitting diode without infrared rays emitted. The surface temperature of the exposure product is below 5 C, while the traditional mercury lamp method of ultraviolet curing machines generally increase the surface of the exposure product of 60-90 C, which displays the positioning of the product, causing the product to be poor. UV-LED curing method is the most suitable for plastic substrate, lens bonding and electronic products, optical fiber optic cables and other thermal and high-precision bonding process requirements. 3. Environmental protection and pollution -free tradition of mercury lamps The curing machine uses mercury light lighting. There are mercury in the light bulb. The waste treatment and transportation are very troublesome. Improper treatment will cause serious pollution to the environment. The LED -type curing machine uses semiconductor lighting, and there is no factors that cause pollution to the environment. Therefore. 4. Ultra -strong illuminance uses high -power LED chips and special optical design, which is ultraviolet light reaching high precision and high strength irradiation; ultraviolet light output reaches 8600MW/m2's irradiation intensity. 采用最新的光学技术和制造工艺实现了比传统汞灯照射方式更加优化的高强度输出与均匀性几乎是传统汞灯方式照射光度的2倍使UV粘合剂更快固化缩短了Production time has greatly improved production efficiency. When the traditional mercury lamp method point of light source curing machine increases the irradiation channel, the increase in the channel will cause the output energy of the single irradiation channel to decrease. And using LED -type irradiation, each illuminated head lights independently, the exposure energy is not affected by the increase in the channel, and it is always maintained at the maximum. Because of its super concentrated light degree, compared with mercury lamps, UV LED shorten the time of the operation and improves production efficiency. 5. Low energy consumption UV LED method is more than 10 times more effective than mercury lamp mode. At the same time, no matter whether the mercury lamp method is effectively irradiated, mercury lamps need to work continuously, and the electricity has been consumed. The UV LED method only consumes electricity during irradiation, and the power consumption of electricity is almost zero during standby. You can make a simple calculation. Each light source curing machine saves power: 270 (Wat)*8 (hour)*365 (day) = 800 (kWh). It can be seen that each year can save thousands of yuan per year. Not only that, by saving power, each year can indirectly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by 1.4 tons, which is equivalent to the exhaust volume of one car year. 6. Simple installation, saving space CICF is only 1/5 of the traditional curing machine, making the installation of the equipment easier, reducing the area occupation area of the production site 7. Gao Xinlei design from circuit design, optical design, system Optimize to the selection of components, implement the consistent design concept of Tianhuiwhlx, and ensure the stability, reliability and solidification of the equipment. Market Product Category: At present, the main market is: UV-LED point light source curing machine, UV-LED wire light source curing machine, UV-LED surface light source curing machine, UV-LED curing device, etc. For more product specifications, please contact us! So, the question is, how can I get in touch with us? Tel: 130 4883 4002 Mr. Fu 1536107848 Email:

[Advantages] UVLED Point Light Source Advantages and Characteristics 1

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