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[Advantages] the Four Major Advantages of UV LED Technology, Do You Know?

Everything has two sides, and ultraviolet rays (UVs) are also exceptions. Although ultraviolet rays have certain harm to people, such as sunburn, skin cancer, etc., ultraviolet rays provide useful effects in various fields. The current latest high -tech technology development is a new height that expands some of the UV LED market to product innovation and performance. Compared with other traditional technologies, UV LED new technology can bring huge economic benefits, provide more energy and save space. UV LED technology has four important advantages: First, the current use of UV LEDs is widely used include: optical sensors and instruments, ultraviolet identity verification, barcodes, sterilization of surface water, identification and body fluid detection and analysis, protein analysis and drug invention, drug inventions, drug inventions, drug inventions, drug inventions, drug inventions, drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, and drug inventions, drug inventions, and drug inventions. Medical light therapy, polymer and ink printing, identification of authenticity, surface sterilization/beauty sterilization. Second, the service life is longer in the past decade, UV LED has been challenged by life span. Although it has a lot of benefits, UV LED's photoelectric conversion efficiency is very low, and the reliability is not good. The main reason is that the previous UVLED packaging process uses organic materials for packaging. Accelerate the organic material used by aging packaging, so that the previous UVLED can not be recognized by the market. Today, several major foreign manufacturers have invested huge funds to develop new packaging processes, which has enhanced the overall performance of UVLED in recent years. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers are also focusing on the development of high -performance chips and packaging processes. Zhuhai TIANHUI has been standing from the perspective of customers, serving customers with the most cost -effective products, and using the way to improve technology to ensure that the reliability of light sources is continuously improved. Today, Tianhui has accumulated enough industry application experience. Promoting the service life of the UVLED light source to be guaranteed. 3. Higher efficiency UV LED is used in the array in many cases, and the consistency of the beam diagram and light on the entire array is important. This is the problem of the uniformity of light spots we are talking about. In TIANHUI's view, how to enable customers to achieve mass production, how to make customers 'adverse rates lower, and how to make customers' production efficiency faster. Although many UVLED solutions will also arrange the lamp beads, few people will pay attention to whether the light sources they make have the problem of the production capacity and yield of the customer's relationship. Based on the 8 -year experience of the industry service, Tianhui, for customers 'needs, integrates optical systems, cooling systems, and control systems, so that the performance of a set of light sources is more temperature, customers' production efficiency is higher, and the adverse rates generate are reduced. Fourth, lower energy consumption, reducing garbage and no dangerous materials compared to other traditional technologies, UV LED has obvious environmental benefits. Compared with the fluorescent (CCFL) light, UV LED's energy consumption is 70%. In addition, UV LED has passed the ROHS certification and does not include the common harmful material mercury in CCFL technology. UV LED size is small and durable than CCFL. Because UV LED has the effects of anti -vibration and impact resistance, it rarely damage, thereby reducing garbage and cost costs. The UV LED of Zhuhai TIANHUI has solved the problem of stability and extend its service life. It is the UV LED that has unique advantages, such as enhanced durability, no dangerous materials, low energy consumption, small volume, excellent performance, saving cost, cost -effective customization, etc., making more companies pay more and more attention to this item. Technology, this technology is currently becoming the best choice solution for the market and industry to highlight market competition. As the current industry -leading manufacturer in China, Tianhui provides a solution from the entire industry UVLED solution and provides in -depth customer customization services. If you have any questions about ultraviolet solidification applications, you can contact us. The industry is bigger and stronger!

[Advantages] the Four Major Advantages of UV LED Technology, Do You Know? 1

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