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The light emitting diode is a commonly used light emitting device that releases energy emittering through the composite electron and acupoints. It is widely used in the field of lighting. The emitting diode can be converted into electric energy into optical energy, which is widely used in modern society, such as lighting, tablet display, medical devices, etc. Then 3030 lamp beads are innovative high -power LED products. Its principles are the same as EMC 3014. 3030LED lamp bead characteristics: 1. Small volume and rich color; 2. Having high brightness, adjustable lighting angle, installation and length can be customized according to requirements; 3. Energy saving: constant current driver, ultra -low power consumption, electric light power is close to 100 close to 100 %; 4, environmental protection: no ultraviolet, infrared radiation, use high heat -conducting EMC material low thermal resistance. 5. It can be designed with high voltage and low current to reduce the cost of the customer's driving power supply. , 7020LED lamp beads-3030LED lamp bead manufacturers. 5050 Phantom LED Lighting Pearl Features: 1. Little power consumption: LED with a light effect of 75LM/W is reduced by 80%than incandescent lights with the same brightness; 2. Life span: product life is 50,000 hours, 24小时连续点亮可用7年3纳秒级的响应速度使亮度和色彩的动态控制变得容易可实现色彩动态变化和数字化控制4设计空间大可实现与建筑的有机融合达到I only see the effect of the light not to see the lights. 5. Environmental protection: no harmful metal mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation. 6. Color: Different wavelengths produce different color light, bright saturation, no filtering filter, and can be used to form a variety of different colors after controlling the three primary colors of red, green, and blue, which can achieve various color change effects such as full color gradient due to the advantages of 5050 patch LED parameters advantages. It is often used by people to develop civilian and energy -saving lamps in China. Car is used as a instrument board, LED light belt, mobile phones use backlight and keys, instrument and equipment control backlight and requires small -volume LED products, LED backlight, switch and logo plane needs Backlight, Call information display, flash, car, audio, indoor display, lighting design lamp company market. As a 5050 Phantom LED Lighting Bead wholesaler, Technology Co., Ltd. has mature LED packaging technology, which can provide customers with highlights, high brightness, low light decay, and good consistency. In the LED field, it has continuously achieved huge breakthroughs, and continuously upgraded and optimized and improved in terms of product characteristics and detail control. It laid a solid foundation for high -quality and high -quality products and services. The high power of the 3030LED series is a material called EMC. It is a SMD patch light source. It has high light effects, low light failure, high consistency and cost -effectiveness. 3030LED lamp beads are made of FPC circuit board, LED lamp and silicone jacket. 3030LED lamp bead performance: 3030LED lamp beads Integrated light source Black cause of the cause of necrotic lamps: LED application structure, glue, sulfur and halogen components in the environment. The vulcanization, especially in high temperature environments, such as welding, will accelerate the volatilization of these chemicals, fundamentally affect the LED integrated light source, cause vulcanization, affect the product's heat dissipation and optical parameter, and cause LED dead light to not bright. 3030LED lamp beads Integrated light source surface damage or cracking causes the light source to be unable to light up and the adverse light of the light. Fall off, causing dead light. The waterproof performance of the 3030LED lamp beads, and the use of a low -voltage DC power supply will increase the safety factor, the colleagues have a variety of light color, and they can also resist ultraviolet aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance and other advantages in outdoor. This product is widely used in the fields of building outline lighting, entertainment venue accurate decoration lighting, advertising decoration lighting and other fields. 5050RGB full -color lamp beads can be so widely used, completion of its rich and diverse colors. 5050RGB lamp beads LED Main features: 1. Voltage: LED lamp beads use a low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage is between 2-4V, which vary according to the product, so it is a high-voltage power supply; it is very suitable for public places; 2. 2. Current: The brightness becomes brighter with the increase of the current, the working current of the small power LED lamp bead is 0-60mA, and the working current of the high-power LED is above 150mA. 3. Effective: The consumption of energy is 80% lower than the incandescent lamp with the same light effect. Very energy-saving 4. Applicability: very small. Each unit LED piece is a square of 3-5mm, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and it is suitable for easy-to-change environments. Main application areas: LED full -color light -light characters, LED full -color modules, LED full -color soft light strips hard light strips, LED guardrail pipes. LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED alien screen, various electronic products, electrical equipment.

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