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It is best to choose an electronic ballast, because the electronic ballast has the characteristics of improving the light effect and life of the lamps. At present, all fluorescent light sources on the market must have a ballast to ignite. In addition, the service life of high -pressure sodium lamps and gold halide lamps is usually less than 6000 hours, and the color rendering index is less than 30; Hours), environmental protection, high color rendering index (> 75) and other significant advantages. As the core of LED street lights, the manufacturing technology of LED chips and the corresponding packaging technology jointly determine the application prospects of LED in the field of lighting in the future. Semiconductor lighting is a technological revolution in this century. From the perspective of technical maturity, it is still a baby. Although LED high -power white light technology has developed rapidly, the three lives in LED light decay, heat dissipation, and cost are still LEDs. Tiger Tiger, the popularization and development of lighting. 365 Purple light is the role of brought instantaneous start voltage and stable voltage to the light source. It can be seen that the quality of the ballast will directly determine the life and light efficiency of this light. It is unexpected that the full spectrum LED aquatic lamp is not expected. The LED light cast light is controlled by the built -in micro -chip. In the application of small engineering, it can be used without a controller. There are many sizes, which are dozens of stents with different sizes such as square, rectangular, and ellipse. The material is mainly aluminum, and there are copper and ceramic brackets. Generally, there are no feet with feet. The brackets used in integrated LED lamp beads are only 10W, 100W, 500W and other square brackets. The materials are mainly copper, and the brackets have two feet. The color rendering index of the lamp is very close to the sunlight, so it is regarded as the ideal benchmark light source. This system is tested with 8 -chroma medium and medium -sized standard color samples. Compared with the degree of deviation (Deviation) in the test light source and the same color temperature, to measure the color rendering index of the light source, take the average deviation value value RA20-100, with 100 as the highest, the larger the average color difference, the lower the RA value. Light sources below 20 are usually not suitable for general use. The dynamic effects of 365 purple light color flickering, random flashing, gradient alternation, etc. can also be achieved through DMX control to achieve the effect of chasing, scanning. Everbright diodes are usually called direct -inserted LEDs. Glowing diode is just a tiny electric bulb. But unlike the common incandescent bulbs, the light emitting diode has no filaments, and it will not be particularly hot. LED panel lights can design different shapes, different light sources, integrated panel lights according to people's needs. So special reasons for the panel lights of many restaurants. The difference between COB lights and LED lights is that LED lights are energy -saving, environmentally friendly, non -frequent, non -frequency -free radiation, disadvantages are blue light hazards. COB light is high color, light color is close to natural color, no frequency flash and glare, no electromagnetic radiation, no UV radiation, infrared radiation, can protect the eyes and skin. 365 purple light is alone by the electrons in the semiconductor material and glowing it. Because the light emitting diodes are burned out without filaments, the life span is longer.

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