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3535RGB Lighting LED Lighting Ball-3535 Patch LED Lighting Ball-3535 Lighting Diodes-

Domestic 3535 Patch LED Colorful Lantern Customized Wholesale 3535 Ultra -High Bright Pattern LED Lighting Bead Manufacturer 3535 Monochrome Lighting Patch LED Lighting Bead Custom Wholesale 3535 Patch Lights Tube Packing Manufacturer Ranking 3535 White Glow LED Lighting Ball Rank 3535LED The conventional appearance of the lamp beads is: 3.5*3.5*2.0mm, mostly ceramic substrates, with good heat dissipation performance. The 3535 visible in the market. The appearance of different manufacturers is not only slightly different, the photoelectric parameters are almost very different, and the internal packaging chips are also very different. 3535 Patch LED Lighting Pearl raw materials are directly purchased by photoelectricity; optoelectronics, professional high -quality LED manufacturers, stable performance, good heat dissipation, small light failure, and longer life. Features: 1. Low thermal resistance ceramic structure 2. Small size, flexible design 3. Full automatic integrated molding process 4. Good light source uniformity, width of the perspective 5. Highlights and highlights. Extreme parameter T1901pw The current current of 700mA pulse is smooth to the current 1000mALED knot temperature 125 Reverse allows voltage 5V to use temperature -40 80 Save temperature -40 80 pulse time pulse time≤10ms, occupy a duty ratio≤1/10.pulse width≤10ms, duty ratio≤1/10 or more are some 3535 patch LED lamp bead specifications and 3535 patch LED lamp bead pictures, more high -power 3535 patch LED lamp bead information. More LED light -emitting diode products: patch LED lamp beads 5630, SMD5630LED lamp beads, patch LED lamp beads 1206, patch LED lamp bead 0603, patch LED lamp bead 0805, patch LED lamp bead 3020, patch LED LED 3014 lamp beads, patch LED lamp beads 3535, patch LED lamp beads 3528, patch LED lamp bead 5050, patch LED lamp beads 5630, patch LED lamp bead 3528RGB, patch LED lamp bead 3535RGB, patch patch patch LED lamp bead 5050RGB, patch LED lamp bead 010, patch LED lamp bead 020, patch LED is 335, patch LED lamp beads 1615, plug in LED lamp beads, patch LED lamp beads, LED lamp bead transmitted tubes , LED lamp beads, plug -in LED lamp beads, small butterfly LED lamp beads;. 3535LED lamp beads have a unique advantage, but LED lamp beads are a vulnerable semiconductor product, so we must be careful when using LED products. Now we will summarize some LED use precautions. Pay attention to. (1) DC power supply should be used: some manufacturers use in order to reduce product costs“Resistance”Power on LED products by way, which will directly affect the life of LED lamp products. Adopting a special switching power supply (preferably a constant stream source) product supply to LED lamp bead products will not affect the service life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high. (2) Anti -electrostatic measures must be taken: LED lamp bead products must adopt certain anti -static measures during the process of processing and production, such as: workbench to be grounded, workers should wear anti -static clothing, anti -static electrical ring, and anti -anti -anti -prevention ring Static gloves, etc., those who have conditions can be installed with anti -static ion fans, and also ensure the humidity of the workshop at about 65%, so as not to be too dry to produce static electricity, especially the green LED lamp beads are relatively easy to be damaged by electrostatic damage. In addition, different quality -grade LED anti -static capabilities are also different. LED lamp beads with high quality grade should be stronger. There may be a lot of friends who do not know the static electricity very well. I will introduce the knowledge of static electricity in detail here: the essence of static electricity is the surplus charge. Charge is the physical quantity of all the essence of static electricity. English is called ESD. Related amounts related to potential, electric field, current, etc. are all physical quantities caused by the existence of charge or the movement of the charge. Many electrostatic problems are caused by people without ESD consciousness. Even now, many people suspect that ESD will cause damage to electronic products. This is because most ESD damage occurs below the human feeling, because the human body's perceived voltage of static discharge is about 3KV, and many electronic components will be damaged when they are hundreds of volts or even dozens of volts. Usually, when the electronic devices are damaged by ESD There is no obvious boundary, and the component is installed on the PCB before detection. As a result, there are many problems, and the analysis is quite difficult. Especially for potential damage, it is difficult to measure the performance of its performance even with precision instruments, so both electronic engineers and designers have suspected ESD. In recent years, the experiment has confirmed that this potential damage will be Reliability decreases significantly. (3) The temperature of LED lamp beads: Pay attention to the increase in temperature to make the internal resistance of LED lamp beads smaller. After the environmental temperature of the outside world increases, the internal resistance of the LED lamp beads will be reduced. The working current rises. When the working current exceeds its rated work current, it will affect the service life of LED products. It will seriously make LED lamp beads light sources“Burn out”Therefore, it is best to use Hengli source power supply to ensure that the working current of the LED is not affected by the external temperature. The temperature of LED lamp beads is also the most important factor affecting the LED life. Please pay attention to it. (4) Sealing of LED lamp bead products: No matter what LED lamp products are used, as long as it is applied to the outdoor, it is facing the problem of waterproof and moisture -proof sealing. If it is not handled, it will directly affect the service life of LED products. Now there are a small number of manufacturers with high product quality requirements adopt traditional epoxy resin“water”The method is to seal LED products. This method is more troublesome to operate. It is not very suitable for LED lamp bead products with larger volume, and it will also increase the weight of the product. (5) The current of LED lamp beads cannot exceed the IF current of LED lamp beads: Overcurrent work will make LED lamp beads quickly decrease. If it exceeds over, it will immediately burn LED. (6) LED lamp beads must note: When the LED lamp beads are too close to the colloid when the corner or angle is bent, it should be kept at a distance of more than 2mm from the colloid. The number of foldings in the same place cannot be more than three times, and the corner is bent to 90°Back to the original position once. (7) Welding temperature: The welding temperature is about 260 C, the time is controlled within 5s, and the welding point is above 2.5mm from the bottom of the colloid.

3535RGB Lighting LED Lighting Ball-3535 Patch LED Lighting Ball-3535 Lighting Diodes- 1

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