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3535 UV Sterilization Disinfection Is in Place!

UV (Ultraviolet) refers to ultraviolet rays, divided into vacuum, short waves, medium waves, long waves, and long waves. Ultraviolet rays refer to the general term of the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum from 10nm to 400nm, and people cannot see. In 1801, German physicist Celtic discovered that at the outside of the purple -end of the fluorescent spectrum, a piece of photography containing silver bromide was light, and the existence of ultraviolet rays was discovered. Ultraviolet rays can be used for sterilization, too much ultraviolet rays enter the body will cause skin cancer to the human body. Chinese name: Ultraviolet Foreign Name:: Ultraviolet Vacuum Vacuum: 110--180nm short wavelength: 200--290nm Better wavelength :: 290-315nm in the international standard of the ultraviolet spectrum in the international standard draft of the limited solar radiation illumination 3535UVC 3535UVC It is UV light with a wavelength of 200-280nm (nano). Short -wave ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the ozone layer when the surface of the earth is at the same temperature layer, and cannot reach the surface of the earth. Short -wave ultraviolet rays can have an important role in the human body. Therefore, short -wave ultraviolet rays should attach enough attention. 3535UVB 3535UVB is an ultraviolet rays with wavelengths of 280 to 320nm. Middle wave UV has a certain physiological effect on human skin. Most of this type of ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the skin epidermis and cannot penetrate into the skin. However, due to its high levels, strong light damage can be produced on the skin, the leather blood vessels are expanded by the dermis blood vessels, and the skin can appear red, swollen, blisters and other symptoms. Long -term exposure to the skin will appear erythema, inflammation, and aging skin. In severe cases, it can cause skin cancer. As a result, the waves of ultraviolet rays are also known as the sunburn (red) section of ultraviolet rays. 3535 UVA is the wavelength of 315 340nm. Long -wave ultraviolet rays are far stronger than mid -wave ultraviolet rays, which can reach the depths of the dermis and can effectively play the melanin of the epidermal area, which can cause the skin melanin to be calm, turning the skin, and defending ultraviolet rays. The role of protecting the skin. Therefore, long -wave ultraviolet rays are also called“Blew”. Although the long wave ultraviolet rays do not cause acute skin inflammation, the effect of the skin is slow and can accumulate for a long time. It is one of the causes of skin aging and severe damage. It can reach the skin epidermis with UVB, which can cause skin sunburn, redness of redness, sunlight keratosis (old people spots), loss of transparency. It has the functions of anti -rhinoplasty, sterilization and immunity enhancement. 3535UVA 3535UVA has the strongest penetrating power. It can reach the dermis layer to make the skin black, which is the most harmful to the skin, but it is also the easiest to ignore it. Especially in non -summer, the UVA intensity is weak, but it still exists. The amount cumulative accumulated for a long time causes skin damage. Especially the skin aging and relaxation, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, melanin precipitation. 3535uv curing technology 3535UV curing technology is to use UV light (the main wavelength 365nm, 254nm of special occasions). , Surgery and drying technology in the second unit. The usual thermal drying method and the reaction method of the two liquid mixed legal need to be divided into several hours of drying the drying of resin. UV surface sterilization devices are widely used in food, electronics, semiconductors, LCD monitors, plasma TVs, crystal vibrations, precision devices, chemicals, medical, health, biological, drinks, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture……Wait for a wide range of areas. UV light sources irradiate food, materials and other surfaces, which have a fast and efficient, pollution -free sterilization effect, thereby maintaining the high quality of expensive products.

3535 UV Sterilization Disinfection Is in Place! 1

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The rapid expansion of the electronics industry has necessitated the development of new and innovative technologies to propel the industry forward. The application of UV LED solutions is one of the emerging technologies in the electronics industry. Due to their unique characteristics, such as long lifespan, energy efficiency, and compact size, these solutions have been extensively adopted in the industry as a suitable alternative to conventional lighting sources.
UV LED curing is a technique that employs ultraviolet light to cure or harden substances. This procedure involves exposing the material to UV LED diodes emitting UV light. When UV light strikes a substance, it initiates a chemical reaction that causes the substance to harden or resolve. UV LED diodes emanate UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C light, which correspond to the wavelengths required to initiate the curing process.
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UV LED, also known as Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes, is a solid-state device that produces light as soon as you pass electrical currents in a circuit. These currents pass from the positive side to the negative side of a current.
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