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3014LED Lamp Beads-2835LED Lamp Bead Manufacturer Supply

3014LED lamp beads-2835LED lamp bead manufacturer supply. The single lamp bead of 28335 patch is 0.06W, the size of the chip size is 10*16nm, 10*18nm or 10*23nm (the larger the chip size, the larger the current, the higher the brightness). The common brightness used to make fluorescent lamps is 7-8LM. Some manufacturers may use 6-7LM in order to reduce costs. The characteristics of the new 2835LED lamp beads: 1. High emotional efficiency, narrow spectrum, good monochrome 2, high color rendering, showing realistic color, excellent color reproduction capabilities 3. Green environmental protection, toxic and harmful substances such as lead, mercury and other toxic and harmful substances 4 , Precision constant current, life expectancy of 50,000 hours, low attenuation 5, high brightness, good light color consistency; 6. Using Japanese imported silicone glue packaging, low light decay, long life span, long life span. It is widely used in LED lamp tube, LED ball bubbles, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lamps, LED street lights, LED car lights, mine lights, stage lights, flashlights, lights, light lights and other lighting fixtures, outdoor billboards, electronic display screens, electronic display screens, electronic display screens, electronic display screens , Traffic signal lights, signs, car taillights, LED light emitting modules, LCD backlight, LED lighting lighting, LED soft/hard light strips, etc., are the best choice to replace traditional lighting sources. 3014LED patch lamp is made of FPC circuit board, LED light, and silicone sleeve, soft and ultra -thin. It has good waterproof performance, soft and high brightness, not dazzling, saving about 1/3 than solar lights. Good anti -aging, resistance to high temperature, non -changing color, should be used in outdoor building lighting, advertising lighting, etc., durable and good safety. 3014LED Light Features: 1. High brightness: The brightness of a single LED patch lamp bead can be as high as 12LM. 2. Good heat dissipation: Although 3014 is small in size and some structural design solutions, the heat dissipation effect is very good. 3. Low attenuation: Due to the use of imported materials, plus the packaging process, the attenuation of the product can be controlled within two thousandth. 4. Long life: The materials used in the product, the good heat dissipation effect, the product life can be more than 50,000 hours. 5. Stability: Use regular chips to make the product have strong stability. After a long period of use, the lamp beads do not change color and ultra -low attenuation. Product application: LED ceiling lamp, LED bubble lamp, LED solar light, LED panel light, LED downlight and other indoor lighting fixtures. 3014LED lamp beads-2835LED lamp bead manufacturer supply. Car is synonymous with comfort and fast, and the lights are particularly important. Especially brake lights. In the field of car lighting applications, the era of halogen lamps, ghost lamps, and LED lights. It is recommended that 4014LED lamp beads, 4014LED lamp beads are relatively small, using LED lamp beads in the automotive field can imagine that it takes less position. In the limited space of the car , Can meet the needs of consumers. In addition, LED lights have a longer life span and fast startup speed, which reduces the possibility of accidents in the car accident. Compared with ordinary lamps, LED lamps have higher seismic resistance. Generally, the light bulbs are not required in the car life, reducing the subsequent maintenance investment, and has a higher economic advantage. 4014LED lamp bead advantage: 1. Life span: now the life expectancy of 4014LED lamp beads is as high as 60,000 hours is 30 times that of different light sources, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of automobile brake signal lights. 2. Low power consumption: Comparison of LED and traditional light sources can save energy more than 80%, which greatly increases the life of the battery and reduces the cost of use of the car. 3014 lamp beads are a specification type of LED plane sticker light -emitting diodes. It is a size of 3.0 (width)×1.4 (height) MM LED lamp bead. Configuration highlights: 1, 3014LED lamp beads are small in size, and the development direction of the lamps is a light, thin, and small route. The patch LED is thinner than his other LEDs. From the name of 3014, one of the advantages of the lamp beads, one of the advantages of the patch light source 3014 is that the size is small, only (3.0 *1.4 mm). 2. 3014LED lamp beads low light decay. The heat resistance low thermal conductivity is good; 3, 3014LED lamp beads high brightness is 10-14LM. 4. Low cost, product cost and performance analysis: Compared with the market 3528/3020, 3528 numbers are more, compared with the entire lamp cost, 3014 has the advantage of 3014 possessive advantages. Therefore, it is a better product choice in LED solar light heat sinking. 5. 3014 is characterized by good heat dissipation performance, because its cooling structure is different from 3528. Under the application of LED lamp beads, the use of 0805LED lamp beads is becoming more and more widely used. It can be said that it is applied to all walks of life. Related manufacturers such as toys, transportation instructions, urban lighting projects, 0805LED lamp beads are essential. Because it is widely used, there are more and more products in the market. Therefore, when purchasing, the quality of LED lamp beads determines the quality of chip and good chip quality, then it has the characteristics of high brightness and stable performance; its cooling heat dissipation; Performance is also very important. If the heat dissipation performance is not good, work at high temperature for a long time will not only affect the service life, but also the light decay will become very large. 0805LED lamp bead manufacturers sell selection technology Co., Ltd. Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in developing and producing LED lamp beads. The company's main LED lamp beads include 2835LED lamp beads, 3014LED lamp beads, 4014LED lamp beads, 3528LED lamp beads, 5050RGBLED lamp beads, 3030LED lamp beads, 7020LED lamp beads, 5050 Phantom LED lamp beads, 0603LED lamp beads, 0805LED lamp beads, etc. A group of high -quality managers and sales elites are condensed, and huge breakthroughs have been achieved in the LED field. In terms of product characteristics and detail control, it has been continuously upgraded and optimized and improved. A solid foundation.

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