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1010 Full -color RGB Lamp Beads, Do You Really Know?

1010LED is an LED light source used on the indoor display. The size is 1.0*1.0*0.65mm. Generally, it can be used as a display screen of P1.25-P1.6. Product model: 1010RGB Communist Yang Product Size: 1.0*1.0*0.4mm Product Packaging: 4000 PCS/Volume Lighting Color: Blue/Green/Red (Color can be customized according to customer needs) Diversion: 5MA light brightness: 35-44/22020 -280/140-180mcd Luminous wavelength: 466-469/521-524/620-625nm Division: 2.8-3.2/2.8-3.2/1.8-2.2V (0.1V Swelling) Overwalk angle: 120°Life life: 100,000 hours 1. Small volume: LED is basically a small chip was encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small and very light. 2. Low power consumption: LED consumption is very low, and the working voltage is 2-3.6V. The working current is 0.02-0.03A (ordinary indicator light, 1 milloward is enough). That is to say: it does not exceed 0.1W of electricity it consumes. 3. Long service life: Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of the LED can reach more than 50,000 hours. 4. High brightness, low calories, and environmental protection: LED is made of non -toxic materials, unlike the fluorescent lamp contaminated by mercury, and the LED can also be recycled. 5, sturdy durability: LED is completely packaged in silicon grease, it is stronger than light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. There is no loose part in the lamp body, which makes the LED say that it is not easy to damage. 6. The brightness is continuous and easy to control. The brightness can be continuously adjusted through the current, or simple PWM adjustment: the product is widely used in the new energy vehicle industry, the small home appliance digital pipe, the smart home, the set -top box industry, the outdoor outdoor products, the Bluetooth digital products, the signal instructions , Auto Instrument Lighting, Lighting Lighting, Backlight and LED Energy Light Bands, Toys Game Machines, Household Electric, Communication Products, Instruments, LCD Backlights, Signal Synchronous Lights, Lights, Car Tail Lights and Instrument, LED Large Display Application Products In the field, provide customers with products with high price and cheap products.

1010 Full -color RGB Lamp Beads, Do You Really Know? 1

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