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The 0402 light -emitting diodes are generally called 0402LED or 0402LED lamp beads. The conventional size of 0402LED lamp beads is 1.0*0.5*0.4mm. Traffic instructions, medical beauty instruments, electronic teaching equipment, electronic clocks, etc. 0402 Everbright diode is a micro light bulb that is easy to assemble into the electronic circuit. But they will not contain burned filaments like ordinary incandescent lamps, nor will they become particularly hot with the passage of time. The reason why they can glow is actually because the electronic movement in the semiconductor material, and their life span is as long as ordinary transistors. 0402 Patch LED light -emitting diode compared with traditional incandescent lamps? First of all, they do not contain all the filaments that can be burned, so the life span is longer. In addition, small plastic bulbs make them more durable. Also, they are easier to assemble into modern circuits. In fact, the main advantage of LED lamp beads is its efficiency. The traditional incandescent lamp will emit a lot of calories when glowing. These thermal energy will completely waste it, unless we use the light as a heater, because most of the electric energy does not produce visible light. The heat generated by LED is very small. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Bead Related Parameters: 0402 Patch LED Lighting Bead Red Light: Brightness 15-75mcd, voltage 1.6-2.2V, wavelength/color area 620-630nm, test conditions IF = 5mA. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Pearl Orange Light: Brightness 15-75mcd, voltage 1.6-2.2V, wavelength/color area 600-610nm, test conditions IF = 5mA. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Zhuhuang Light: Brightness 15-75mcd, voltage 1.6-2.2V, wavelength/color area 580-595nm, test conditions IF = 5mA. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Ball Green Light: Brightness 5-20mcd, voltage 1.6-2.2V, wavelength/color area 565-575nm, test conditions IF = 5mA. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Bead Curmine: Brightness 150-350mcd, voltage 2.6-3.2V, wavelength/color area 520-530nm, test conditions IF = 5mA. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Ball Blue Light: Brightness 35-100mcd, voltage 2.6-3.2V, wavelength/color area 465-475nm, test conditions IF = 5mA. 0402 Patch LED Lighting Pearl White Light: Brightness 150-300mcd, voltage 2.6-3.2V, wavelength/color zone x: 0.264-0.30/y: 0.256-0.315, test conditions IF = 5mA. If the customer has special requirements, you can communicate in detail with the photovoltaic engineer. We can customize it according to the needs of the customer. If you need to learn more about the relevant information of LED lamp beads, please consult the optoelectronics. [Tags herein] Patching LED Lighting Drinks LED Lighting Bead Lighting Diodes LED Light Bead Manufacturers [Responsible Editor]

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In a time characterized by advancements and growing concerns, for the environment the importance of ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diode (LED) technology cannot be overstated. UV LEDs find applications in fields such as water purification, sterilization and medical equipment.
Dive into the world of UV disinfection. Here, you'll learn how this eco-friendly method cleans water. Find out how UV LED modules and diodes play a part in this. Also, see how UV technology benefits sewage treatment plants. Are you ready? Let's get started.
Water is an indispensable resource that is required for the survival of all life. However, water can also be a source of microorganisms and contaminants that pose a health risk to humans. Therefore, water must be treated prior to consumption or use. Ultraviolet purification is one of the most effective methods of water purification.
The rapid expansion of the electronics industry has necessitated the development of new and innovative technologies to propel the industry forward. The application of UV LED solutions is one of the emerging technologies in the electronics industry. Due to their unique characteristics, such as long lifespan, energy efficiency, and compact size, these solutions have been extensively adopted in the industry as a suitable alternative to conventional lighting sources.
Have you ever thought about the tiny microbes hidden from the naked eye that can wreak havoc on our health? From harmful viruses and bacteria to mold and allergens, these microorganisms can threaten our well-being. Fortunately, various methods of disinfection can help us eliminate these unwanted guests. One of the most effective and eco-friendly options is UV disinfection.
Did you know that, as per a recent study, the average water bottle can harbor up to 300,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimeter? That's more than the average toilet seat! With concerns about waterborne illnesses and the spread of germs at an all-time high, it's no wonder that UV sterilization technology has become a hot trend in the water bottle industry.
Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation that falls within the light spectrum between visible light and x-rays. UV LED diode is divided into three main categories: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC light, which has the shortest wavelength and highest energy, is most commonly used for sterilization because it can kill or inactivate many microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
UV LED technology has been making waves in the printing and other industries for its efficiency and effectiveness, but did you know that it also significantly impacts the environment? This cutting-edge technology improves quality, increases productivity, reduces energy consumption, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. This article will discuss the environmental benefits of UV LED diode and how it is aiding to pave the way for a more tolerable future.
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