Serivisy ODM/OEM amin'ny maody famonoana rivotra sy rano isan-karazany ary mpamatsy vahaolana UV LED (UVA.UVB.UVC.UVV) amin'ny ankapobeny.


Infrared TO46 850nm LED

Encoder light source, an integrated diode emitting 850nm peak wavelength which is matched to a silicone sensor to measure the distance through the gap phase difference. Application products: Automatic control of motor revolution, Actuating motor, Controllable motor. Benchmarking ICHAUS, the optical output linearity is good, the emission angle is less than 5 degrees, the output power is high, and the conversion speed is fast. Cold and heat shock (- 40 degrees - 125 degrees) 1000 cycles, 6kg pressure for 30min, air tightness test, electrical aging for 1000 hours, light attenuation less than 5%.

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