ODM/OEM masevhisi eakasiyana emhepo uye emvura disinfection modules uye yakazara UV LED (UVA.UVB.UVC.UVV) mhinduro inopa.


Infrared TO46 850nm LED

Encoder light source, an integrated diode emitting 850nm peak wavelength which is matched to a silicone sensor to measure the distance through the gap phase difference. Application products: Automatic control of motor revolution, Actuating motor, Controllable motor. Benchmarking ICHAUS, the optical output linearity is good, the emission angle is less than 5 degrees, the output power is high, and the conversion speed is fast. Cold and heat shock (- 40 degrees - 125 degrees) 1000 cycles, 6kg pressure for 30min, air tightness test, electrical aging for 1000 hours, light attenuation less than 5%.

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