Serivisy ODM/OEM amin'ny maody famonoana rivotra sy rano isan-karazany ary mpamatsy vahaolana UV LED (UVA.UVB.UVC.UVV) amin'ny ankapobeny.



-We are UV LED diode manufacturer,According to the specific needs and applications of customers, recommend the best cost-effective UV LED light source.


-Seoul semiconductor SVC is the chief agent in Greater China, with a cooperation time of more than 10 years+.

-20 years of deep cultivation in the UV LED industry, familiar with the application of UV LED in various industries, able to assist customers in product research and development.

-It can respond to customers' demands in a timely manner, and help customers analyze and solve problems at the first time.

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iray amin'ireo mpamatsy UV LED matihanina indrindra any Shina


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