विभिन्न हावा र पानी कीटाणुशोधन मोड्युलहरू र समग्र UV LED (UVA.UVB.UVC.UVV) समाधान प्रदायकको ODM/OEM सेवाहरू।

UV LED मुद्रण प्रणाली

The special printing method used by the UV LED printing system is similar to inkjet printing, but has significant advantages thanks to its special properties. UV LED offer printers new possibilities for the process-optimized manufacture of print products with an extended range of applications.
It is a UVLED solution supplier, which can provide UV LED lamp beads, UV LED module, and UV LED ODM solutions (UVC, UVB, UVA 240 ~ 430nm full range of UVLED products).
The application involves the following industry applications:
UVCLED : Sterilization / air disinfection / air conditioning sterilization / static water bacteriostasis of water dispenser / flowing water sterilization of water dispenser.
UVBLED : Skin treatment / physiotherapy calcium supplement / plant growth.
UVA: Banknote counting and verification / anti-counterfeiting criminal investigation / medical detection / mosquito and insect trap / jade and jewelry detection / exposure machine / industrial glue curing / printing curing / spray painting curing / paint curing / optical fiber curing / 3D printing / lithography, etc.
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