ODM/OEM-tjenester af forskellige luft- og vanddesinfektionsmoduler og overordnet leverandør af UV LED(UVA.UVB.UVC.UVV).

UV LED-systemet


It is a UVLED solution supplier, which can provide UVLED lamp beads, UVLED modules, and UVLED ODM solutions (UVC, UVB, UVA 240 ~ 430nm full range of UVLED products).

The application involves the following industry applications:

UVCLED : Sterilization / air disinfection / air conditioning sterilization / static water bacteriostasis of water dispenser / flowing water sterilization of water dispenser.

UVBLED : Skin treatment / physiotherapy calcium supplement / plant growth.

UVA: Banknote counting and verification / anti-counterfeiting criminal investigation / medical detection / mosquito and insect trap / jade and jewelry detection / exposure machine / industrial glue curing / printing curing / spray painting curing / paint curing / optical fiber curing / 3D printing / lithography, etc.

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