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General benefits of UV light curing

  • Enhanced material properties
  • On demand cure – only cures on exposure to UV light
  • Rapid curing times – in some cases instantaneous, allowing immediate further processing
  • No solvents, 100% solids – no environmental pollution due to solvent evaporation
  • Single component – ready to use systems – no mixing, no waste, no disposal of waste, no cleaning of mixing containers, no problems with pot life of mixed materials
  • Minimal space requirements and relatively low capital expenditure for UV light equipment
  • Automated handling, dispensing and UV curing can be employed to improve production efficiency
  • Saving of raw materials and energy – no wasted solvent or energy required to produce evaporation of solvent. UV lamps are more efficient than thermal ovens
  • No heat required – thus low thermal stressing of substrate materials
  • Readily adapted into existing processes
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